Mulk is a perfect movie which depicts the contemporary social unrest regarding the issue of religion. It  was released on August of 2018. This movie moves around a muslim family living in Lucknow and their struggle after a certain situation happening in their lives that change all the equations for them with their neighbourhood. This movie is directed by Anubhav Sinha, starring  prominent actors like Rishi kapoor, Tapsee Pannu amd Ashutosh Rana in it’s lead role.

Murad Ali Mohammad, a reputed and well known lawyer of Lucknow who lives with his whole family for many years, suddenly gets to know that Shahid, one of the family members, is directly connected with the activities of terrorism. As the story slowly unveils, we see their nail-biting struggle to gain their lost reputation in society.

From the very beginning the movie makes you remain glued to your seat as the suspense of what will come next is surely a thrilling thing for our nerves. Mulk is very much a contemporary movie, as the social unrest is also there under the veil of peace in present times. The question of US and THEM run through the whole movie like a prophecy of threat. Rishi Kapoor is still so graceful in his acting skills and has done a fantastic job in his role as a protagonist. On the other hand, the courtroom scene where Tapsee Pannu and Ashutosh Rana acts in an amazing manner, the audience is shocked to see that! The arguments that Tapsee represents is very relevant in present times. The cinematography and the execution of the plot is very much tight in the second half. Not for a single moment throughout, the movie feels irrelevant. Every situation has an inner significance that the audience needs to understand carefully.

Terrorism is an act in which a bunch of people harm the common people in order to get their means. Terrorism has nothing to do with religion and this fact is further proved throughout the movie. But the struggle and torture that a family goes through when one of their family members is proved to be doing terrorism acts is perfectly represented through this movie. This movie is little sensitive and needs immense attention to understand the whole situation.

Religion is a faith that is different for each and every people around the world, terrorism is a different issue all the way, these two should never get mingled up in a country like India where various religious find their own solace and peace in a different way.This movie is a must watch as both the plot and the acting as well as its contemporary material will give a new perspective regarding the way ta family who is stuck in an uncanny situation.

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