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Bombay is a 1995 Indian-Tamil language movie, directed by Mani Ratnam. We have actors like Arvind Swamy and Manisha Koirala in leads. A.R.Rahman composed the music of this film. This movie was published in the Hindi translation as well. The story particularly centrals on the events of 1992 communal restlessness in Bombay (now Mumbai). It is believed to be the second film in this genre of Ratnam’s trilogy- Roja (1992) and Dil se (1998).

The movie mainly bases on a romantic love story of two people who are belonged to two different religions on the backdrop of communal riot at that time. Initially besides getting both commercially and critically success it became Chennai’s one of the highest grossing films. It was shown to many International film festivals as well has been critically accomplished for its content.

Ratnam realistically depicts all the differences that can occur in a love story with a clever punch of religion. The story is definitely a brave one to be honest. Depicting the communal riot in a country like India on a base of such inner restlessness is something that needs solid bravery. However we understand that these communal riots are solely created by few politicians and austere people from the scene where one of the sons of Shaila and Shekhar ( two protagonists) was being given food by an unknown little girl belonged to Muslim religion. This scene also strengthens us from inside and creates a belief that there is still humanity above everything. This humanity we can feel in the masterstroke scene when Narayana ( shekhar’s father) was saved by Basheer (Shaila’s father) from a gang of austere people.

Ratnam definitely is one of the prominent directors of his time. Humanity is something that bounds all of us irrespective of religion, caste, skin-colour, mother tongue. Communal riot can happen by reacting to a certain situation but definitely that can not break our inner spirit of brotherhood. This bond is clarified in the last scene, that will surely bring tears to eyes, where the common people rise above everything and take charge to bring peace and humanity once again.

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