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Selected Poems Gulzar

We all love poems because poems generally represent the complicated picture or status of the society in a lucid language.

Gulzar is one of the most prominent poets of India who beautifully penned down every emotion of human life in an affirmative tone or a pensive one!

“SELECTED POEMS OF GULZAR”, is a collection of a few poems by Gulzar. It was first published on 2012 and right now, it costs just Rupees 179. This book is a bilingual translation by Pavan K. Varma.

When it comes to translation, one must be very careful regarding the question of restoring the true essence of the original one. As it often happens, that the translated copy loses its charm.

But Pavan K.Varma excellently retains that and he even emphasizes this point in the prologue that retaining one’s true form and texture is not easy in translations.This book contains about twenty or more poems and the translations of it are given by it’s side.For me, Gulzar’s poems reflect the various stages of human emotions. You can relate poems with your joyous moments or for your pensive heart and even, with true aesthetic pleasure!Though Pavan K. Varma did a great job but even then, the originals are surpass the translated ones, by bounds and ends…

In one poem, Gulzar expresses how the books are being replaced in this modern world by computers. He underlines that books not only enriches us with wisdom but also helps us to create relationships. In another poem called ‘HONEYMOON’, he depicts the truth of basic but a beautiful relationship between a husband and wife who find their own solace and peace despite being poor. With this poem, he wants us to understand that happiness never comes with money and rather, it comes from within us.

Using of each and every word, specially Gulzar’s polished Urdu phrases which are so relatable with our daily emotions, in this world of modern gadgets this book will surely give you an insight of love, relationship and many more. Gulzar pours smooth words as well as hard realities through his poems and this compilation of poems are worth, giving a shot which will enrich you with another version of life, altogether!

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