You Create, We Nurture


I was, a free soul!

I was a free soul…
I stood under the shadow of a tree,
Enjoying the soothing coolness.
Once I went,
Near the old bushes.
I found few blossoms,
They were merry.

I was a free free soul,
I found a little red bug,
Her little ones following her.
I starred up above,
Saw a nest.

The chicks chirping,
Mother feeding them worms.
And they chirp more,
In excitement and fulfillment.
Then I look at myself.
To Whom I’m nurturing?
To whom I was lying?
To whom I was manipulating?

Was’nt I independent? Was’nt I free?
And to whom I was pretending?
Ha ha ha.
Maybe I’m lying to myself,
Then am I honest to myself at least?

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