You Create, We Nurture


Our Love Is Pure

Our love is pure till we live.
Your eyes invading through the sheer of clothes,
Your fragrance smothering my skin, even your sweat,
Perhaps the cells carry your moist odour now.
I rubbed deodorants against my skin
Desperately scrubbing off your smell, all in vain.
But our love is pure, so I don’t say a word.
The scars you’ve gifted, the curses you’ve shed
All are fresh in my mind, on my numb body.
But our love is pure, so my lips don’t express.
You leave me in a corner, sobbing alone
Your ignorance kills me everyday.
But our love is pure, so I adjust.
I know this is my fate, to “be loved” by you,
So I’ll stay mum, till I live.
Our love will remain pure, if “I” live.

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