You Create, We Nurture


My Dear Rendition

My dear rendition,
The soul is green,
As you interpret, the leaves of ages
Are still lingering.

Somewhere between you and us
We have something,we call “ours”
The lights of dusk,are still young
In the way of love,that endeavors!

You can call it insane,
The cupid might put us in vein
But still that sigh of bliss in rain
Emulsifies more in your bound.

The silhouette in you,
Made the rainbow of me the brightest,
Those droughty soil,
Made the roots grow, even earnest!

You call me bright,
You make me brighter!
Those touches of eternal sooth
Ends up to the losing fright!

I’m a nomad of thoughts
I’m a slang of bohemian
I’m a cloud of the desert
The flattering dandelion.

The words of you didn’t set me free,
That unjailed spring too falls a prey
To those smoky eyes,peach pink blush,
On those curly locs,on the forehead which lay.

Heard of fairytales,
Never had of one in life
Those magical blisses,
And a princess alike.

You are the blow of ivory over jwells,
The one,since ever waited for!
The dream of me,once to make you mine
Witg dagger that fetches the crown in all dwells.

You might never be mine,
But dreams,are sometimes to be lived upon
On the beds of roses,we set for us…
Could harshly scratch with its thorns.

Oh,my dear rendition!
The sky is still blue,
With the clouds flattering in joy
And the sun,shining in its hue!

We’ll set a world of us
In a climate to be shared by both
I’ll call you to be mine that hour
In an unprejudiced affectionate sooth.

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