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Hey friend !

Hey friend !

Hey friend,can you come back?
Can we make that castle again?
Life is so long,I can’t breath-
Can you find some rain?
Your eyes are lost in the stars,
Can you come back?

Hey friend,can you see me?
Can we smoke that joint again?
Those silent nights are waiting,
Can you add some dream in it?
Our mind is so tricky,I lost myself,
Can you see me?

Hey friend,can you hear me?
Can we write that stupid song again?
Those lines can’t find heartbeat,
Can you show them how to smile?
Our songs are too crazy,
Can you hear me?

Hey friend,can you believe me?
Can we show them the light?
Sleepy nights are too heavy,
Can you make me your rhyme?
We all are waiting for that last call,
can you belive me ?

Hey friend,can you find me?
Can we share our shirts again ?
A day can’t be happy without a night,
Can you play the guiter again?
The songs are lost in your sky…
Can you find them?
Can you find….

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