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Virat Kohli slams Anushka haters with one tweet

Indian cricket player Virat Kohli has been instrumental for India in the ICC T20, especially in yesterday’s match against Australia where his brilliant batting won India what seemed a very impossible victory. His most recent victory, however, is how he slammed Anushka Sharma’s haters with his tweet.

Twitter and Facebook immediately reacted to the country’s amazing win and praise for Kohli saw no bounds. However, people not only congratulated Kohli on his outstanding performance, but also took to shamming actress Anushka Sharma, with whom the player recently had a break-up. Disgraceful memes about the actress became viral and Kohli was portrayed as a victim or a “bharka-hua ashik” who has been able to reach his full potential only after his break-up.

Today afternoon was a blow in the face to all these haters when Kohli himself tweeted how he was ashamed of the way people are blaming Anushka for his performance. The young player lashed out aggresively, asserting firmly that Anushka has had nothing to do with his performance and has infact been a source of constant motivation for him.

Kohli took this step after all the tantalising and hurtful memes, Facebook posts, and tweets that were being constantly made against Anushka Sharma after every victory that India saw in the T20.

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