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Vaccine for Corona Virus claim by Oxford University

Vaccine for Corona Virus claim by Oxford University

Vaccine for the Corona Virus  has been created, claims Oxford University. Corona virus, or Covid-19, is increasing it’s grasp drastically. India reports 40,000 new cases daily. This has led to the strengthening of the health workers or the “Frontline Workers”, all over the world. Numerous deaths, new cases and the unwanted abrupt brake to our daily lives top the news headlines. But there’s always a silver lining to every dark cloud.

Oxford University scientists recently claimed to have created a vaccine for Corona Virus, called Oxford AstraZeneca. It is still in it’s infancy. Interim results of the Phase(s) I/II trials of the vaccine generated robust immune responses against Corona Virus in all evaluated participants. Everyone is closely watching the development of the vaccine. Moreover, the biggest claim regarding it is that there’s no side-effects to it.

The Indian Update on the Vaccine

As of India, Pune-based Serum Institute is the manufacturing partner. The institute plans to make one billion doses of it over the next year. Serum CEO Adar Ponnawalla told that he wants to keep the price of the vaccine below 1000 INR. He also said, “I am hopeful that the Astrazeneca oxford vaccine candidate will be immunogenic and effective. If the Phase III trails are successful, certainly ‘Covishield’ will be one of the first vaccines to be introduced in the market. We seek to apply for licensure trials in a week’s time to DCGI. With the government fast-tracking everything, we are hoping to get approvals soon, post that we will begin Phase 3 human trials in India with 4000-5000 people.”

Russia also ventured towards the discovery of medication. It’s also in the developmental stage. All these reports show some positivity in these tough times. We all hope that the vaccine is a successful venture. Till then, we should keep in mind the norms of social distancing. We shall overcome!!

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