Mummy o mummy kya achha bana rahi ho?

Bhook lagi hai badi, kya khila rahi ho?’

All of us as children have grown up knowing the common myth of Maggi being prepared in just two minutes. As we grew up and the hunger as well as ‘mummy’s’ thunder struck, we learnt that making Maggi too can be a tedious job.

The ever so friendly and life saving Maggi became the theme of memes and trolls, when Indian government slammed a red card on the highly consumed product about two months back. Breaking the hearts of millions of lovers, Maggi was posed behind the glass bars for being tested in the laboratories. Dejected, alienated and betrayed by its own people, Maggi takes a blow and undergoes the testing.

From banning beef to Indian youth’s ‘Meri Maggi’, the list of bans in India is hiking up everyday. However, Maggi is planning to make a comeback in the Indian consumer market soon. It was given a clear ticket as FSSAI- approved laboratory of Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) has found Maggi noodles to be in compliance with the country’s food safety standards. So, all the Maggi lovers can again sing:maggi-khushiyan-logo

Maggi noodles ka yeh Jo masala hai

Jane isme kya kya dala hai

Thoda jaadu thoda pyar

Jhat se ho jaye taiyar.

Maggi,Maggi, Maggi.’

To ab jamega rang, ‘Meri’ Maggi ke sang. Hawa badle na badle, ab ayenge achhe din!


Reported by: Poulami Ghosh Ray
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