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Jamshedpur uses plastic waste to build roads

Utilities and Services Company (JUSCO), aEnterprise, has undertaken an initiative to use for road construction in Jamshedpur. The initiative, which started out as a pilot project, is now being replicated across the city and so far 48 to 50 kilometers of in the city have been constructed using plastic waste, according to an report.

Plastic bottles, wrappers et al are collected from across the city and brought to 10 collection centres. The waste is then broken down by shredding it to 2 mm to 4 mm before processing it further. “This technique not only improves the quality of roads but also helps rid the city of plastic waste, which was once an enigma,” said Ashish Mathur, managing director, of JUSCO.

Plastic helps bind the road construction mix better resulting in longer lives for roads and also helps in cutting down the overall maintenance cost of a road, added the report.

Source: google

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