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India Struggles To Breathe

India, a third-world country, has several immediate issues to deal with. The worst crises that the country is facing at present, is probably the demonic rise in the pollution level. According to the data collected by the World Bank, India has made remarkable progress in addressing and resolving its environmental issues. But everyone needs to think about the improvement of environmental quality. Pollution still remains one of the most threatening challenges.

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The level of environmental degradation in India is higher than most other countries be it air pollution, water pollution, land/soil pollution or even noise pollution. Thirteen out of the twenty most polluted cities of the world are located in India. Two of India’s major rivers – Ganga and Yamuna are often ranked high among the ten most polluted rivers in the entire globe. The pollution of Delhi has climbed by even more than 20% since the year 2000. Important cities like Kolkata, Kanpur, Ludhiana and others are choking because of the rising air pollution in these areas. Measures have not been successfully implemented and only around 20% of the total vehicles turn up for pollution tests annually.


Untreated sewage and agricultural runoff are the major sources of water pollution. Poor urban planning, unrestricted industrial activity and improper disposal of wastes contribute to noise pollution and land/soil pollution respectively. Recent studies by environmentalists have proved that major cities barring a few like Coimbatore, is much polluted that it is not fit for breathing and pose danger to public health at large.

The country is getting polluted. The government must undertake immediate steps to curb the environmental degradation. Every citizen must do their own bit to ensure the improvement in the quality of environment. Strict legislation and Measures must be implemented to keep the country clean in the years to come.

Content Writing : Sayari Mukherjee 
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