After a nine month long battle with cancer, Sumit Sen, Editor of Times of India, Kolkata passed away on Sunday night, 27th September, 2015.

The versatile and enthusiastic journalist started his career in The Statesman. His merit then got him into The Hindustan Times in 2001, and finally in 2003, he joined The Times of India, Kolkata. Though he started out just as a “cub reporter” on the crime beat, he made it to the post of editor in no time. His passion for his work was filled to the brim even till his last day in office. So much so, that even in the eve of Sunday, he was planning a major campaign on the mystery regarding Netaji’s death.

Sen was an amiable person, with a rare gift of making friends out of complete strangers. His fellow colleagues admired his dedication immensely. He brought new life to the TOI Kolkata, urging his journalists to think out of the box and constantly coming up with fresh ideas himself. Above all, Sumit was an optimistic person and did not let cancer dampen his spirit or affect his work. On being commended on his willpower, 60 year old Sen would only say, “I am simply taking this as another phase of life. This, too, shall pass.”

Sadly for the TOI group, Sen’s optimism did not see him through. His death has left the TOI group aghast and at a loss for words. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself rushed to the hospital to pay her last respects to this amazing personality late Sunday night.

Sen, a boy from North Bengal, and his friend Marcus Dam (from The Statesman) shared a dream of leaving the whirlwind city of Kolkata and taking a vacation in the hills. Marcus says that Sen would miss North’s weather terribly, calling the mist after Kolkata rains “home weather”. He adds that losing Sumit is not really a loss in its true sense. “He is someone not to be lost. He is always around,” Marcus concludes. Sen will be thoroughly missed however, he shall always live in the spirit among us.

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