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Warm Words from Writer Novoneel Chakraborty

Which of your own quotes is your personally favourite, and why?

Among all the quotes, I would say, “Choose your Gods wisely, they will help you fight your devils”, which is from ‘The Stranger Trilogy’. I like this one because somewhere I feel that this has a universal appeal; also everyone can apply this in their life and gain something out of it. Because in this fast world, we end up compromising with our virtues and our ideals. This quote somewhere pushes you to believe in your own virtues and make something good out of yourself.

● “Forever is a lie” and “Love is a thing beyond forever”, so what is your basic concept about love?

Love, I think, cannot be defined. Because the moment we start defining it, we are limiting it. The basic concept about love, I think, is freedom. If you are in love, and you cannot free the person, I don’t think there’s a point in it. I think love is freedom.

● Which option will you choose between being satisfied with your final outcome & feeling an empty space to fill up the next time your pen works?

Both the options are equally good. But I think, sitting in front of a blank paper or a computer, trying to second guess about the story or the structure of the story, is more challenging. And gives me a feeling that there is a possibility of going into a newer phase of the story; the emotions and things I have not felt before. So for me the second option is always more challenging and I always look forward to that.

● What do you think that helps one to develop him/her as a writer?

Writers are 80% of inborn talent and the rest is story telling. Each of us has stories to tell, but how do we tell it is inborn talent. The other 20% is experience; how open you are as a person to interpret things and not take your interpretation as the final thing. One should be open to conclusions and opinions, respect the other possibilities of the situations. So, for being a storyteller or an author it is most important to be not rigid about anything and obviously experience helps.

● How does it feel when you get the first copy of a book in your hands, and read your own words?

I don’t read it after it gets published, because by then I have read it so many times. Not only me, with every author this happens. You don’t get the energy to read it once again, because everything is so obvious. And when any book gets published and I get the first copy in my hands, that feels really special. The hard work of 6-8 months have gone into it, you have told a story and it is waiting to go into the hand of the readers. I always treasure that moment. It is like a dream come true, after you have been working for 6-8months, so it feels special all the time.

● Do you have a source of inspiration?

People always ask me about inspiration and often think that might be a person. But it is so many people around and life itself; because 10 years back I had a car accident where I was almost about to die, but I didn’t. I kind of got a second chance in life, from that incident I realized that to live, to breathe, is the most important thing one can ever experience. Cause’ everything that happens will happen if you are breathing, if you are alive, otherwise there’s no chance. Death is merciless, it just comes and takes you. So for me, life itself is inspirational; and yes, the places, the people’s lives connect me too, I draw inspiration from them. So it’s not just one person, it’s a lot of people, over all it’s life. Because life is the catalyst that takes me to different people at different places.

● If you have to choose any of your character, and change his/her story. Which character would that be? And what will you change?

Novoneel Chakraborty

When you write and then go back, you always want to change things, because you as a writer have grown up. But the character, the protagonist, Dr. Radhika Sharma from my first book “A Thing Beyond Forever”, at the end she committed suicide and died. Over the years I understood that suicide is not the solution. And I have seen that people are being able to relate to her, her mental conditions. If I get a chance to write that story again, I would not make her commit suicide, she will have to accept her reality and move on her life.

● Which of your books is your most favourite and why?

“How About A Sin Tonight” and “Ex” would be favorite. Because, for the first, when I was writing it, I understood who I am as an author. And the “Ex” because somewhere I feel the romance and the thrill came together in a perfect balance. For me, these two books would be my favorites.

● “The Stranger Trilogy” got so much appreciation, and your readers are waiting for more treats like that. Do you have a plan for any such series in near future?

I am developing another trilogy as well, but it will take some times. Because developing a trilogy is not very easy, you have to be very convinced about each and every book. Once that happens, I will start, but it will take some times. I am also planning to extend the Stranger series as well after the third book. But it is too early to comment on it.

Novoneel Chakraborty

● We are eager to know about your upcoming projects, so tell us something about your plans with books.

I won’t be able to take the name, because I will be revealing that on my social media. But I do have a book coming up on August 10, a paperback thriller, my next novel basically, which will be available from October.

● You have been writing for television for a long time. So, do you have any piece of advice for aspiring script writers?

It is very important to understand the medium first. TV requires a different kind of script writing, and films have their own format. TV also demands more of domestic issues, and are very less experimental, and doesn’t often go out of the box. And also, it is important to understand whether you are happy to write for that medium. For example, I wrote for TV for some times, but I realized I was not happy with it, and as I think that you need to be happy with whatever you are doing, only then it will reflect in your work. So these two are the factors. If you understand the medium, and happiness in writing, then everything else will fall into places.

● A message for your readers and followers.

To continue reading, to read my books or anyone else’s books. Reading as a habit is very important. Not only one should read himself or herself, but also should encourage others to read. Slowly you are getting into a more and more digital world, where there are lots and lots distractions in the form of videos, you just have to apply your eyes, not necessarily your brains. Reading is a place where you can apply all your senses. You read with your eyes, you think with your mind, you try to travel with, in your mind it excites your intelligence and it challenges. So it expands on your horizon, emotional horizon. I will request to all my readers that keep reading, go back to reading, doesn’t matter what kind of books you like.

● A message for LaughaLaughi.

I loved the name, I thought it was very catchy and very intelligent. I am sure, you guys will grow and with good content, people will come and become your subscribers. All my best wishes to you guys.

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