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The Bong girl with the incredible voice in ‘Payaal’

  • Tell us something about your latest release, ‘Payaal’

It’s a romantic song, composed & sung by me. It’s a collaboration of couple of musicians. It has been written by Javed Sir & produced by Gulraj.

  • This song is about the bonding between a girl & her grandfather which can be connected very easily. Did you face any difficulty while recording? Like, becoming emotional & recollecting your own memories.

Yes. I left my home at a very early age for my studies & music. It’s full of romance and inspired from the story of “Radha & Krishna”.

  • This is your first work with Javed Akhtar & Gulraj Singh. Tell us about your experience.

I got to know Javed Sir through my mentor. This was a learning process, actually. I am an amateur composer. Gulraj is a very good friend of mine, a brilliant producer and that’s how this project started.

  • Any memorable incident that you want to recollect during the making of this song.

It was totally a great experience. I’ve learnt many things. Bada maza aya, bahut kuchh share karne ko milta tha.

  • This is your second composition after ‘Lagan’. What are the differences you spotted while composing for both?

‘Lagan’ was a different song. It was a collaboration with Jass musicians all over the world. It was also romantic. But it was mainly instrumental. Both the songs are different. ‘Payal’ is a bit commercial.

  • You’ve also done Hollywood projects. So, what are the differences between both the industries?

Both are amazing. Hollywood is more systematic. And in Bollywood, sab kucch last minute mein hota hai, which is also a chaotic experience.

  • You’ve worked with incredible musicians like A.R.Rahman, Pritam, etc.. Who’s your favorite?

Yeh bahut hi mushkil hai bolna! There are kam se kam 10-15 names, who are extremely my favorites.

  • You have recently learnt Carnatic Classical Music under the guidance of the illustrious Dr. M.Balamuralikrishna. Tell us something about it.

I was learning but unfortunately, he passed away last year. I feel blessed to get a chance to learn under him.

  • You’re a Bong & you’re from Kolkata, Durga Puja is over now. How was your Puja?

I’ve visited Kolkata for promoting my songs there. Friends, family sab k saath masti hua.

  • Your upcoming projects.

Couple of releases will be there. Exciting tracks to come.

  • All the best for those. Would you like to give any message to your fans? In Bengali, if you don’t mind.

You’re also a Bong so, আমরা English-এ কথা বললাম কেন? (Laughs) আমি আমার Fans-দের নতুন কিছু দিতে চায় এবং দিও। Support me & always stay connected to me. Thank You!

  • Your words for LaughaLaughi.

Brilliant, actually. I liked it & specially, you’re Bong. (Laughs) Thanks for taking my interview. Would love to work with you people in my upcoming projects.

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