• First of all, wish you a very happy Holi from team LaughaLaughi and we also want to know
how you celebrated your holi?
Sayantani – Ahh! Belated happy holi to you and also to your family but this time I didn’t play
holi for some personal reasons but for shooting purpose I played a bit but with my family and
with friends I didn’t play holi as such this time.
• What do you like the most about this festival?
Sayantani – Color means a symbol of love. In this festival of holi, color helps to bring you close
to your loved ones and it also makes the bonding strong with friends and relatives. For this
reason, I like this festival.
• As holi is a festival of colors, tell us which color do you like the most?
Sayantani – My favorite colors are both black and white but we don’t play holi with such

• Ma’am, please tell us how you became a part of this industry?
Sayantani –I was in class 11 then and one of my uncles of my colony suggested me to join this
industry and as I was interested in this field and I had the support of my parents so, after that I
kept on trying slowly as everyone does and kept on looking for contacts and also made contacts
and that’s how I stepped in.
• Did you face any controversy or difficulty while joining this?
Sayantani – No, before joining this or coming to this profession I never faced such
controversies or anything and hope so that in future I never have to face such. (Laughs)
• Is it so that you always wanted to become an actress or it just happened with you?
Sayantani – Yes, I always wanted to become an actress and I always wanted to join this industry
and I succeeded in doing that and more to come.
• Presently, we can see you in TV show “Hridoyhoron B.A Pass”. Working with such talented
actors and also the show which is loved by the audience a lot. How do you feel being a part of
Sayantani – “Hridoyhoron B.A Pass” is really like family to me because all the members who
are attached to this project like not only the artists but also the camera department, production,
technical department and everybody, we work together so happily, there are lots of funny
moments that happen while shooting so, it always feels like that we are in our own home. They
are all so supportive and also thanks to Snehasish da who gave us this project and to the
audience, thanks to them for their love and support. Thank you all.
• If not an actress then what else would you have become?
Sayantani – If not an actress, then I would have become an engineer as I was good in my
studies and I loved doing so. I would have joined engineering if I haven’t joined this profession.
• Oh! Wow, engineering that means you loved doing maths ?
Sayantani – Yes, my favorite subject was maths. I loved doing it always.
• What are your hobbies?
Sayantani – My hobbies hmmm, I can say that I read books, I learnt dancing and so I can even
dance, I love music, also love singing a bit and when I am at my home I prefer listening songs the
• Who is your favorite singer?
Sayantani – There are many such as Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh and if you ask
about the 90s then there are Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Kumar Sanu and Lata Mangeshkar. They
all are legends. I love them.
• You said you learnt dancing. Please, tell us which form of dancing you learnt?
Sayantani – Yes, I learnt Bharatnattyam and Kathak too but I like Kathak the most and I can also
do Western but keeping it aside, I love Kathak the most.
• Thank You, so much maam for taking out time from your busy schedule for LaughaLaughi.
Would you like to say something for team LaughaLaughi?
Sayantani – I would like to say that the questions were so unique and the questions were so
interesting and I also enjoyed answering them and would like to thank to everyone and give my
regards to everyone who are with LaughaLaughi. LaughaLaughi took an incredible initiative and Iwould like to wish them that they could achieve all their goals as soon as possible.


Written by: Prerna Pal Chowdhury.

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