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Jockeying with Nilanjan Mukherjee

1. Why did you leave engineering to become an RJ?
Many people want fame. I too wanted the same. So, I chose media studies. I wanted to be an anchor since my childhood. I still have the newspaper cut outs of acting lessons which I started collecting from class I. I used to recite poetry. Sukumar Ray was my favorite. My wish was to spend more time on stage and I found anchoring a suitable option. I started anchoring since I was in class 12.  I went to Dubai for 2 years for a job. While watching “3 Idiots” I stumbled upon the front face of my true desire, and abandoning my job, I returned home. I took risks and started stage anchoring for a brief period, cracked the exam for anchoring in Asansol and got a job!

2. Which is stronger for you, acting or RJing?
Anchoring is a part of acting. The script is not pre written for actors but arises from stream of consciousness. My strength is not qualitative rather quantitative. I like to adapt as per the need.

3. How do you enjoy Comedian Nilanjan?
A friend told me that I did good serious anchoring. I asked him to give me 15-20 days and went to mirakkel audition. I became a stand-up comedian. I would always prefer to be a comedian.

4. What are the hurdles that you faced in your way?
Everyone has faced problem. I was born in an orthodox business family. I went for Mirrakel audition which was against all odds of my family. Another hurdle was to earn after I left the job in Dubai to pursue my interests in media.

5. Any parental inspirations you had?
I always had a supportive family. My mother secretly gave me money for the institute.

6. Have you ever felt to do something more secured than an RJ?
Do you think I can do anything better than just talking (laughs out). I am talkative since my childhood. I always like to seek inspiration. Mir da (Mir Afsar Ali) and Kaushik da are like an institute to me. I still observe and learn from them.

7. Have you ever idolized someone for life?
There are many but I believe in following the structure and not copying it. I like to learn and observe the path and not the result.

8. What are the good and bad experiences of your RJ life?
Well, I don’t keep the bad memories. I filter them out. One memorable experience was when my listener called me from Asansol. He was a blind man who devoted to radio and felt incomplete whenever I skipped shows.

9. Who are the people that you admire the most?
One such person is Kaushik da. He has taught me a lot. I also love Mir da, Pamela di and Abhijeet.

10. How much do you think has been the impact of radio services on the common man?
New things have come up with the standardization of radio. One has to notice the change of trend shift and accordingly adapt to the mainstream channels.

11. How do you feel the radio as a listener?
I try to find out the fallacies when I listen. I am always teasing and experimenting with jokes on everyone. I also try to gather the public opinion on a certain punchline or a joke.

12. How do you enjoy the title RJ beside your name?

I like to travel by bus like others, eat at foot-stalls from where can I gather stories. So, the title does not make any difference.

13. Whom would you want to act along on stage?
I fantasized Riya since my childhood. I would be happy to work with Aishwariya Rai, Amisha Patel, Sonali Bendre, Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha and even Sunny Leone!!  😀

14. Whom would you want to go with on a dream date?
If it is an entire day, then it must change every hour. The more the women the more the fun.

15. Have you ever seen media as an insecure business?

Media is a zone of insecurity. There is always a risk in our job which instigate to be better and perform better each day.

16. Any message for newcomers.

I am filled with many faults and fallacies, but I never give up. New comers must know that it is not a happy go lucky path. You must be ready to work endlessly devoted with courage and bravery.

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15 minute e aada dewa, jani noy ta kaafi
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Interviewer- Swarnadeep Paul, Trisha Mandal, Soumya Rishiraj Roy
Image Courtesy- Google Images
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