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Music: Old School Hits

Musical bliss is perhaps the smoothest and easiest escape for anyone where the enchanted spirit flies far beyond the valleys of sanity. Music is the relief from everyday hassles, it is a rejuvenation of mind and a serene emancipation of psyche. To be absolutely precise, ‘Music’ sets you free!
Jotting down a few all time favorites that shaped the genre ‘Classic Rock’ over years. The songs you bang your head with, you move, you roll, you rock and you go crazy when you listen to! Let’s get back to the old days of golden hair, finger-less gloves, stunning jackets and retro glasses!

1. Summer of ’69 (1985):

An all time popular hit which you would love to murmur at any time. The rhythm that makes your body move and provides you with a chaste delight. As the saying goes “Old is Gold”, this song has been remaining alive and fresh in every young soul. The Canadian recording artist Bryan Adams got hold of his lazy guitar, played the ‘six strings’ till his ‘fingers bled’ and composed magic out of that! From his fourth studio album ‘Reckless’ (1984), the pretty track kept throbbing hearts ages and ages hence.

2. Hotel California (1976):

An amazing masterpiece by ‘The Eagles’, ‘Hotel California’ is a number where you relive your pinch of country nostalgias and old school hangovers. Don Henley as the band’s dominant voice pillared the song deep using ‘California’ as an imagery of dissipated surreal world. The band marked the history of ‘Classic Rock’ through the lyrics of this song that paced so well with the mood that you would never like to miss with your wine! The song grabbed few of the most prestigious awards and Grammy the year when it got released and ever since it kept soothing your mind!

3. Hey Jude (1968):

‘The Beatles’ fan eh? This song will lift you to the oddest sanctity. It was recorded in the middle of ‘White Album’ sessions. The song reveals an end number of untold stories within the band that you would love to relate to. Bagged the Grammy for being chosen the song of the year, the number would take you to the typical ‘Classic Rock’ age blended with a raw flavour. This McCartney’s song of consolation was penned by him while his relationship with Jane Asher was growing uncertain.

4. Stairway to Heaven (1971):

Okay, so time to bang your head hard, mosh crazy and sing aloud! Stairway to Heaven is a number you cannot give up listening to ever when you go mad rocking. Grabbing Grammy Hall of Fame, Led Zeppelin penned one of the most crowd-pleasing favourites back then. The song continued leading the song list for quite some time. It will take you to a rustic old school feel. The untitled fourth studio album release will speed up high from a slow tempo. An acoustic ecstasy.

5. You Shook Me All Night Long (1980):

A breathtaking AC/DC track from the album ‘Back in Black’ that will drive you crazy every time you’ll long a booze with it. The number reappeared on their later album ‘Who Made Who’. It was marked as the first single to feature Brian Johnson as the lead vocalist. Garnished with few lost days babalaas ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ is a treasured composition that has paved its way to the genre ‘Hard Rock’. An auditory rapture!

6. Bohemian Rhapsody (1975):

A mind-blowing six-minute suite where you will be lulled with the ballad and operatic segment. However the hard rock section will elevate the song to an euphoric thrill. One of the impressive hits by the British rock band ‘Queen’, from the album ‘A Night at the Opera’. Being released as a single, Bohemian Rhapsody soon started leading the UK singles chart seizing the commercial success across the country. It reappeared in its almost intact rendition in the film ‘Wayne’s World’ in the year 1992. A song you would continue giving your ear to.

7. Nothing Else Matters (1991):

The terrific chording of the acoustic that the song has been introduced with, ‘Nothing Else Matters’ has been probably the most beautiful attempt of ‘Metallica’ that will take you to a wistful ride. A longing that will make your eyes dewy every hour you will hum its tune alone. It peaked number 10 and varied in that range in many European Charts. A third single from the band’s self-titled fifth studio album, the number has gotten something beyond the words could speak and the melody could accord. Perhaps something that you get to feel when the sky is dark, the winds blow strong , you sitting with your beer bottles, dreaming, and when ‘Nothing Else Matters’!

You can add on more! There are an end number of compositions that the musicians have been creating over decades. The songs that lift you at cloud nine, shatter you down, make you howl, enthralled, astonished and, well, a lot more! One just cannot define the flavour of Old School, the magic of music and the effect it creates evermore.

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