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Interview of Lakshya Raj Anand

1. So you seem to have a strong connection with the city of Kolkata, tell us about your experiences and memories with the city?

ans- I was born and brought up in Kolkata and studied at La Martiniere. So naturally I would have loads of memories, all pleasant and meaningful. But mostly I miss the food of Kolkata especially the Biryani.

2. Basically you have been spotted to work for big ticket films like Bang Bang, Ek tha tiger, Ladies versus Ricky Behl, New York, Pyar Impossible and Rocket Singh. Why did you shift to the making of web series?

ans- I started working in this industry in New York and then Ek Tha Tiger under the guidance of Mr. Kabir Khan. He was my first mentor and it was a great learning experience to work with him and then with the one of the best Hollywood Action Directors, Conrad Palmisano. Then worked with Andy Armstrong and Siddharth Anand and all are very special to me. I have picked up the tricks of the trade from each one of them and consider myself pretty fortunate. Each medium is separate. A film vs. web series-both entirely different but at the end of the day very satisfying cause we get to tell stories and get paid to do that.

3. Most of the web series as well as the mega serials of the national television channels portray a usual plot centered among urban life relationships or young people dealing with challenges. Was it your deliberate decision to bring a change to the usuality through Trip?

ans-The Trip is what people my age would do. Have fun and basically be there for the other without always an expectation of what is the return value of each person. No offence to anyone but maybe I would be unable to relate to the soaps which are aired daily. So this was my little attempt to bring something youthful and fresh to the table.

4. With the advent of feminism and female empowerment, trip portrays a dominant female cast. Was it actually feminism and female empowerment also apart from strong friendships, fun frolic that you wanted to portray?

ans- The Trip was supposed to be just what the name suggested but it turned out to be such a popular one because I had the support of some very-energetic-friendly-already-in-their-own-niche cast and they made it seem so believable. The rest fell in place from there and I didn’t do anything deliberately but just kept working on it organically and sees where it takes us

5. You had a powerful girl gang for trip who was your favorite among all?

ans- Are you kidding me? There is no way I could pick a favorite… The other three would kill me…lol.. They are all superb actors and now friends for life. Lisa, Sapna, Mallika, Shweta…not to forget Namik and Manish and I are lucky to have them and a fantastic crew.

6. How to does it differ to work for films on the other hand to work for web series?
ans- The Trip was written and shot within a month. We filmed in 2 countries and it was all very impromptu. The dialogues were last minute and all that chaos just enhanced the end product. Also a web series has more breaks and we have to keep thinking at the end of the episode how to leave a cliffhanger so people come back to watch the next episode.. While in a film there is just one interval.

7. There is a rumor that you are the grandson of legendary screenwriter Inder Raj Anand, tell us something about him?

ans- Haha!! Wish that was true, I would definitely have had shorter struggling days but NO I have no connections to any film family, at least not to my knowledge.

8. What are your upcoming projects?

ans- Several and soon you will be hearing them so let’s just wait a bit.

9. Do you have some plans of working for Tollywood?

ans- Wouldn’t we all want to know what’s in our future? I left for higher studies in US when I was 18. Came back to join YRF then Fox Star and now JA Entertainment. Have worked with the best in the TVC industry and would definitely love to work in all the ‘Woods’ of the world so lots to do.

10. A message for LaughaLaughi?

ans- Would like to thank LaughaLaughi for showing interest in my work and wish you all the best for every endeavor you guys take on.. Lots of Love.. Lakshya

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