▪What inspired you to be an actor ?

~ I never thought of being an actor. Like every B.Pharm student, I wanted to do well in my career. Kareena Kapoor Khan is one actor who inspires me. I saw her movie, ‘Talaash’ and her acting touched my soul. For me, it’s inception, I love the cast, I love the movie as a whole, no matter how many times I watch it, I just feel happy.

She is doing such wonderful work. I think Kareena is very inspirational.

My mother wanted to see me on television. She is a wonderful woman and an inspiration for me.

I started attending acting workshops and an unpleasant incident took place at the very beginning of my career that’s hard to forget. I was very disappointed. Since that day I have decided to stay strong, do hard work and started my career again as a character artist and then I got the lead role. Today people know me as ‘Pekhom’ .

My parents have always been my inspiration. Snehasish Da helped me a lot in bringing out the ‘Pekhom ‘ out of me.


▪ You entered media industry as a Character artist and now you have got a lead role for T.v Serial, Hridayharan B.A Pass on Zee Bangla.

So, how does it feel? What does success feel like ?

~ I don’t consider myself successful yet. I want to work in this industry for more than 20 years. After that I may feel my success. I try to improve myself each and every day. Blessed to have got this platform like Zee Bangla.

▪ Do you ever get scared for the ups and downs in this industry?

~ No, I never get scared for the ups and downs in this industry. I want to overcome every obstacle.

▪ I have heard that your hobbies include modeling. Given an option, what would you choose: acting or modeling?

~ Obviously, acting. I would like to try modeling as well. It is quite different than acting and it requires lot of skills and expressions.

▪ If not acting, then what other career options you had in your mind?

~ Nothing ( laughs ) acting only. Acting is the career path that I have chosen and it was crucial decision that I made.

▪ How is your experience working with Director, Bidyut Saha?

~ Yes, he is good and supporting.

▪ What is your take about nepotism in the industry?

~ No comments. ( laughs )

Let’s not talk about this.

▪ Which thing you enjoy the most being famous and which is the one thing you miss the most ?

~ Ohh, the audience loves me and I love them. I enjoy how they show their love and respect for me.

The only thing that I miss is eating ‘phuchka’ at night. ( laughs )

▪ Who is better, ‘Pekhom’ of reel life or ‘Roshni’ of real life ?

~ I think Pekhom is better. She is very sweet and fun loving girl.

▪ Whom would you thank the most for bringing out ‘Pekhom’ out of you so prominently?

~ I would like to thank Snehasish Da, Blues and obviously, my Almighty.

▪ What kind of role would you like to play in future ?

~ All kinds of role. ‘Pekhom’ is a character who is very sweet, bubbly and believes in love at first sight. In future, I would like to play role of a mature and serious lady.

I want to be an actor, I know I have to practice a lot to play different kinds of character. I don’t want anybody to call me ‘heroine’. I want to be an actor.

▪ In the television industry, whose work do you admire?

~ I think it’s Hride ( Senior Actor ). He is an outstanding actor and it is fun to work with him. I believe that he is one of the persons behind my success.

▪ With whom would you like to work in future?

~ I would love to work with everybody. I’m new in this industry. You can ask this question to the directors who are likely to work with me in future.

▪ Message for your fans.

~ To my fans, I would like to request only one thing. I know it is winter season and everyone sleeps early but please do not go to bed early ( laughs ). Watch Hridayharan B.A Pass at 11 P.M on Zee Bangla. Lots of love to all and a very Happy New Year .

Everyone stay healthy and don’t forget to watch Hridayharan B.A Pass.

▪ Message for LaughaLaughi.

~ A very Happy New Year to the whole team of LaughaLaughi. Keep up your good work. We will be waiting for more genuine news and contents from you people. May 2019 be filled with more success and wonderful work.

by Mamta Roy

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