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An insight into the glamorous industry with Somraj Maity

Somraj Maity, an engineering graduate, and one of the emerging and handsome faces of the television industry, loves to talk. We, at Laughalaughi, had a pleasant chat with the “Unish Kuri Glam Hunt 2014” winner and got to know the actor a little better.

Interviewer: Tell us about your journey in brief.


Somraj: Well, first of all, I never really dreamed of being an actor. Just like everybody, the idea of being a “hero” attracted me, but also like most middle-class boys, I never had the guts to tell the same at home. So I went to the U.K. and pursued engineering. I had a girlfriend back then who used to ask me why I didn’t try acting, but my response was to tell her that she’d gone crazy. I lived alone there and gradually got hooked to Bengali television shows and then Bengali movies. Starting from “Khoka 420” to “Nayak Uttam Kumar”, I saw them all. I was essentially missing my language and I believe I started connecting to my roots more than I ever did back in Kolkata.

After I returned to India I had a period of 8 months to prepare for my GRE. I participated in Glam Hunt 2014 and won. From there, the channels came to know me and I started getting offers.


Interviewer: Who or what has been your motivation?


Somraj: Being an actor is something that I love and when I love something I give it a 200%. So my motivation is nobody but me. Also I’ve got some close friends in the industry, more like my brothers, who egg me on. They definitely give me inspiration.


Interviewer: Why did you choose to leave engineering and enter into the glamour world?


Somraj: Essentially I haven’t left, I can always go back; I did not want to be a 9-5 working boy in a cubicle. The glamour world spoke to me. I wanted to be “on top of the world” and so I got attracted to this industry.


Interviewer:  Tell us about your early life.


Somraj: I went to school at Birla High and then to Heritage School. Later I completed my studies from the University of South Wales.


Interviewer: You were the “Unish Kuri Glam King 2014”. What qualities according to you must one have to achieve this?


Somraj: I think one has to have a complete package. Being exceptionally good at one thing and close to terrible at another makes no sense. You have to be acceptably good at all things.

Interviewer: Did you have any difficulties as a beginner in this industry?


Somraj: No, no difficulties that I can think of. I did find myself in a completely new environment after leaving the corporate world, though. But I can adjust with new situations comfortably and since the people I started with were the same as me, it happened pretty smoothly.


Interviewer: How different is it to be a Venkateshian? How does it feel?


Somraj: I’m proud of being a Venkateshian but I don’t think it is “different” as such. That being said, it is the best production house in the zone and once you’ve been a part of it, you are considered “polished” in the market.


Interviewer: Tunir of “Thik Jeno Love Story” or Bishu from “Gouridaan”. Who is more close to you and why?


Somraj: Both of them are important to me. Tunir is close to my heart because I started my career with him but I can relate more to Bishu. He’s done everything from dance to romance to action to being seriously injured. I think Tunir relates more to the classier part of the society and Bishu is more me.


Interviewer: Statistics say that very few of those who are into television get chances in films. What is your opinion?


Somraj: I know of this notion and I’d love to change it. I do not believe that this is the case. I think there are many talented television actors and it is only a matter of doing your best and dealing with things properly.


Interviewer: Do you want to explore any other fields apart from acting?


Somraj: Well, I am currently involved in a web series with many big actors of the industry. I am producing it. And after I’ve gained enough experience, I want to get into editing and film-making. I love the entire process of story-telling.


Interviewer: What about your favourite actors, actresses and directors?


Somraj: I love Imtiaz Ali’s works; also Karan Johar and Rajkumar Santoshi. Talking about actors, they have to be Ranbir Kapoor and Ranvir Singh. And Deepika is my absolute favourite. I’d love to do all my films with her.


Interviewer: How would you describe yourself in three words?


Somraj: Confident, sweet and well, I plan all things down to the detail.


Interviewer: What message would you give to upcoming actors?


Somraj: Stay cool, stay fit and be strategic. This is a wonderful world, but if you get too emotional, you’re done for.


Interviewer: What would you like to say to all of us at Laughalaughi?


Somraj: This has been a lot of fun. I wish Laughalaughi grows. It is a comparatively new idea in Kolkata and I’d love to see it be represented by more people and cover more events. I wish it all the best.


Interview by : Swarnadeep Paul

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