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“Alakshmi” : Bijaylakshmi Chatterjee

Bengal’s favourite “Alakshmi”, from the serial “Sansar Sukher Hoye Romonir Guney”, Bijaylakshmi Chatterjee gets a few candid moments about her life with friends and family and her journey from a dancer to an actor. Team’s LaughaLaughi joins Bijaylakshmi on her 19th birthday for an exclusive interview.

Q: First of all, a very happy birthday to you. Tell us how do you celebrate this special day?

A: I only invite the closest people on my birthday because I am a very private person. So, my close friends and family members come over for a party.

Q: How did you step into the world of acting?

A: I am a trained dancer. So, once I went to my dance classes, I had no idea of what was coming my way. That day, the casting director of Shree Venkatesh films visited there and he really liked me. He took my mother’s contact number, called me up for a look test and selected me for the role of Alakshmi. That’s how my journey began. It was a mere coincidence and I never imagined to be a part of something so big!

Q: How supportive were your parents towards your career?

A: My parents are very supportive about my career and I don’t think I have ever faced any problem for my profession, from them. My mother has been the most supportive person and I consider her as my sister.

Q: How did your friends react after watching you on T.V. for the first time? Were they informed beforehand about your debut serial, “Sansar Sukher Hoye Romonir Guney”?

A: No, I don’t really prefer to let people know about anything beforehand. They were all amused to see me on T.V. for the first time and kept on asking me about how I got the opportunity. It was a funny discussion!

Q: You were in school when all this began..?

A: Yes, exactly. I was in class 6 at that time. I was a kid! Back then I had no idea what stardom is, I didn’t know what to feel like. Everything was happening with the blink of an eye. I just knew I was getting attention and praises from all around, I started becoming a popular face and people admired my work. Later on, after seeing such reactions, I felt that this is what I am meant for. After my second show, Dwiragaman, I took a two years break to focus on my studies. The break made me realize that I am rightly made for this. I have to maintain a balance between being a student and an actor. I don’t think I am fit for any other job (laughs); Acting is what I love!

Q: How did you come back after a two years gap?

A: This opportunity too came through Shree Venkatesh Films. I got many offers throughout these two years but I wasn’t willing to take a chance. I wanted to give myself some more time. The casting director at Venkatesh asked me to come once for a look test. After the look test, they informed me that day that I am selected for the role of Ranu. I feel whatever good has happened to me in life, has happened coincidentally and I was never prepared for any of these.

Q: So that means you are very lucky..!!

A: Yes, definitely! I am a very lucky person, that’s what I always feel because so many people wait for such golden chances a very long time and I am very fortunate to get the opportunity. That’s why I respect my job and this is what I feel I am suited for.

Q: How different is Ranu’s character from that of Alakshmi?

A: The character of Alakshmi is quite similar and at the same time, much different from that of Ranu. The character of Alakshmi was childish, talkative, fractious, headstrong yet simple and honest; she wasn’t educated, she dropped out of school in third grade whereas Ranu is educated, she is the district topper of senior secondary school examinations. So Ranu’s way of thinking and opinions are way different. Ranu openly puts forth her views, her decisions are valuable, she has an aim in life.

Q: Which of these characters do you relate more to?

A: I am a bit of both Alakshmi and Ranu in real life. If you merge these two characters, you get a picture of what I really am.

Q: Have you still continued your dancing classes?

A: No, not at all. I couldn’t continue with it for my work commitments. Actually I met with an accident and injured my back, so I could not resume my dance classes after that.

Q: So what genre of dance were you into- Western or Classical?

A: I started as a classical dancer and then shifted to the western genre and that was where I got the offer to act in a mega serial.

Q: Tell us about your first day in the industry. How was the experience?

A: Oh God! I feel so nostalgic right now. I was completely unaware and unprepared on the first day. You have to be of a certain age to have the maturity to be aware of what is happening. I thought everything is new and I will be able to perform effortlessly. However, It took me 27 N.G. shots for one minor scene and my director instructed me how to do it correctly with full support. I think the best days of my life began when I started acting. Whenever I stood infront of the camera after that, I felt I am made for this.

Q: Do you plan to act in films some day?

A: Yes definitely! I would love to. Everybody dreams to act in films and so do I.

Q: Who is your favourite co-star, the one who has helped you and inspired you in many ways?

A: Everyone in the industry is friendly and touchwood, I have always got brilliant co-stars. They are all very cooperative and supportive. Currently, I am shooting for “Ranu Pelo Lottery” and I would say my favourite person is Swagata Mukherjee, she helps me a lot and we are very close.

Q: Are you into singing?

A: Honestly saying, I don’t get time for pursuing music as a hobby. I don’t think I can be a good musician, the only thing which I can do and love to do is acting.

Q: You have just passed your senior secondary school examinations. What are you going to pursue in college?

A: I want to opt for mass communication as a course for my graduation. And that would help me more for my profession.

Q: In your opinion, how have you evolved as an actor?

A: At the time of “Romonir Guney”, I had no idea about acting. I was a newcomer and my director Srijit (Roy) da had put tremendous effort to make me learn acting. He clearly takes the credit for making me what I am today.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Well, I don’t really want to reveal my future plans right now. (Laughs) As of now, I just want to say I wish to do something fruitful.

Q: What would you like to say to your fans and people who look up to you as a role model?

A: For my fans, I would like to say that please do love me and watch “Ranu Pelo Lottery” on Zee Bangla. If you admire my work, you can message me on Facebook and Instagram and share your views. That’s all I can say.


Q: We would be pleased if you give out a message for Team LaughaLaughi..?

A: I have been following the quotes posted by LaughaLaughi, to be very honest, and I absolutely loved the quotes and the writers who have put forward such ideas. Infact, my sister used to tell me about LaughaLaughi and then later I started following the posts. I honestly feel that the youth is the only hope of our future and the idea behind creating such amazing blogs and quotes and the hard work done by Team LaughaLaughi isn’t an everybody’s cup of tea. Team LaughaLaughi is doing a commendable job and I hope it grows bigger and better with time. Best of luck!


Team LaughaLaughi wishes Bijaylakshmi a very happy birthday and all the best for her future endeavours.


by Dipshita Chaudhury

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