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Another free online gaming site added to my bookmark

Days are really getting mundane in this pandemic! Isn’t it? Boring than our 9-5 jobs because sitting in front of the laptop seemed easy at first but now has become a herculean task. A contradictory statement for a gaming freak like me though! 😉

I really miss those days of going out on a stroll to a nearby park or catching up with friend or going out on long drives but most importantly I miss those mask-free days. Sadly, the pandemic is not over yet, so we all must be responsible. Keeping all these despairing things aside, I have tried playing online games, especially those which you can get for free on the websites and no hassle of downloading the games. A few days back I came to know about an awesome gaming website from my friend and trust me it really makes my spare time filled with fun and brings me out of the monotony.

They have a variety of games, and each game is different from another. Moreover, they have subdivisions and levels under one specific gaming category.

My favorite category is Mahjong Games. Trust me playing this game takes me back to my school days when I had the “Touch & Type” phones and I remember playing this game a lot. I played Daily Mahjong which had 3 divisions namely Mahjong Solitaire, Majhong Connect and Triple Mahjong. When you read the instructions it became easy to play. You just have to connect two blocks of same type (one side, either right or left has to be free or you can join the flower blocks too). Each of these three games have a weekly chart of the targets achieved or rather a weekly score board. These three games might look similar, but they are different in nature.

  • In Mahjong Solitaire one has to match two similar blocks by clicking onto it.
  • In Mahjong connect you must connect two blocks both having either of the side open and once you connect the blocks having same pattern on it, a red line will join the two.
  • Lastly in Triple Mahjong 3 blocks have to be connected in order to score.

This website is similar to as Plays.Org which I often visit to play games like Break the Worm and PAC-Rat. You can read my blog here.

I also enjoyed playing Discover Egypt, Halloween Mahjong and Black and White Dimensions Mahjong.

Discover Egypt is the most interesting Mahjong game I have ever played. It has got 10 levels and each level is named after the famous historical places in Egypt like Karnak Temple, Great Sphinx, River Nile etc. Moreover, the Mahjong Blocks have hieroglyphics on it that has to be connected with each other. This game has one of the most innovative and creative approach.

Discover Egypt

Halloween Mahjong is so colorful and cute Halloween emojis are there on the blocks that has to be connected within the given time limit. It is colorful and fun and even kids will love playing it.

B&W Dimension Mahjong is a bit difficult to play as the blocks are placed on one another on a 3D circular table-like set up which has to be rotated and can be connected to the look alike mahjong block but remember that one has to be black, and one has to be white with the same pattern on it.

This would be the first time I played Klondike Solitaire. I mean I never heard of it before. But, it was definitely interesting. It’s like a hybrid solitaire. You have to arrange the cards alternatively according to their colors and start with A till the King has reached his kingdom. You can give it a try. Definitely a brain storming one!

Klondike Solitaire

I was really awed to see the animation of the two games China Temple and Garden Secrets. Firstly, I would say that one has to be very mindful and alert while playing this game because you might miss what’s hidden and it could be in front of your eyes camouflaged in such a way that you may overlook, and the time gets up.

In China Temple there are 10 levels, and you have to win every level in order to get to the next level. This game is very intricate as a single game is divided into two segments. First, I had to match the objects displayed on a grey board with the objects displayed on the temple floor and shelves. After this segment is over, random numbers will appear in the screen and has to be matched with the numbers hidden and camouflaged with the picture of the temple. The numbers can be anywhere and clicking on the wrong place will deduct -5 seconds from the time allotted to finish the level.

I couldn’t complete the first level as its quite difficult to spot the numbers on the screen that has been camouflaged with the objects of the temple.

Garden Secrets

After being disheartened, I hopped into another game, “Garden Secrets” and here I played up to level 3. There will be 12 objects displayed on a blue board which has to be spotted in the above garden. The objects will be in front of you, but it will be difficult to spot as it will be camouflaged with other objects as well. And as the time runs out you will feel anxious. You have only four minutes to spot the objects and clicking on the wrong object means deduction of -5 seconds. I really had a great time spotting these objects and was becoming more and more alert after succeeding each level.

Both the games are very challenging, but it would have been more fun if the characters were involved in finding the hidden objects rather than simply clicking on the items.

Treasure Atlantis

Connect 3 in a row is such a category of game that made me realize that I am still that 90’s kid who still misses her first phone with keypad on it. I remember having a game which was exactly like Zumba Ball Match where I had to shoot a ball from the ball shooter to hit the ball coming swirling down towards the exit and have to match 3 same-coloured balls or more to break the train of balls before they are near to the exit.

Another one is candy house which is very engaging and really a stress buster game that can be played anywhere, all you have to do is to match the same coloured boxes in a given time to break the chain that can be horizontal or vertical.

Candy House

These games are so colourful and challenging that each and every game will make you pinned down to your seat and you will want to play more, so without any further do if you also want to divert your mind from your boring zoom calls and meetings do check Solitaire.Org and

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