Food and Health

Foods that will boost your energy and strength!

Foods that will boost your energy will also help you to lose those extra calories.
There are fancy foods which can be costly and unavailable in many places offline.
So the good foods items only belongs to the richer category? No. Not yet.
Here I will talk about five foods that will prove beneficial for your overall health.

● Cucumber.
Cucumber is one of the most favourite food to all the salad lovers. It contains high amount of water in it.
Try to eat one bowl of salad everyday once in the daytime.
This is one of the food that will maintain the water balance in your body and will help to shed those extra calories.

● Pea-nut.
Pea-nut is available in most Indian houses. This food contains high amount of iron.
Try to have 1 small bowl of this super food once in a day.
It is another foods among them that will help you to loose weight and will give you essential nutrients.

● Ginger.
I know many of you can be shocked to see this food on the list. But you read it right. This root has some essential nutrients in it.
Take a ginger and a clove and smash them slightly. Pour it in 1 cup of boiling water. Cool it down and your ginger tea is ready.
These foods help to increase the metabolism rate in our body.

● Watermelon.
In this scorching heat this food appears to be the savior to all our human race. But it also has its share of nutrients as well.
Try to eat 1 or 2 slices of these everyday after meal.

● Tomato.
This food is a game changer for all the beauty lovers. But it also helps to fasten the process of digestive metabolism in the body.
So have 1 full tomato everyday and see the difference in months!

So here was my list of top five foods that will help you with weight issues and nutrition.

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Shaheli Baidya

Describing me is not so easy, though I can try with few fragments of words. Masters student in Jadavpur University, cute innocent face, intelligent from inside, a good speaker with stammering issues, sort of anger issues, sort of over thinking issues and sort of imagination issues of those non-existential situations. Thank you, for keeping patience and read this whole thing.

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