It’s a Bong Theory!

After ‘ THE BIG BANG THEORY’, it’s time for THE  BONG THEORY!

Bongs are everywhere, you know . Even you can’t smoke pot without a bong! Oh yes!

Being a bengali guy, I have suffered sufficiently just to think these jokes without abusing myself and saying the f-word .
In my childhood, one uncle had asked me:
-What do you call a mirror that’s not coming ?
I guess he had some serious mental health issues.
Just as you know-
‘When life gives you lemons
You should mix it with daal and have it anyway . Perhaps some ‘bhaat’ could help you as well.’

Then I grew up. One day, I asked my friend for a relationship advice. He is a genius! I said-
I don’t know how to win an argument with my girlfriend ! No logic works for her.
– You are a stupid person , man .
Look, their brain is confusing. But here’s the truth.
– What ?
-There’s two part of the brain. On the left side there is nothing right.

– And !

-And On the right side , there’s nothing left .

Technically , I am ugly…I know that.
One time, just once, someone called me hot…
That’s when I realized , I was blocking a Bengali girls way.

Okay! I am a bit of a foodie .
Spaghetti is not the correct for me. I hate that word personally .
Mota Maggie is what I have for Breakfast.

So I am in my college years. And the best thing I have learnt is the perfect way to say a Bengali girl that you love her –
“Girl ! You are the aloo to my biryani!”

Long time ago  I had read Hamlet. What confused me was that, there was this famous dialogue like that – “to be or not to be ?
That’s more than one question .”

Just for the information , boroline is the prescribed moisturizer unofficially. I hope you know that .

Perhaps , the bravest thing I have done in my life – I have farted during my diarrhea .

I know I am not funny. You guys had enough . That’s too maachh!
The Bengali daily soaps have FUNNIER contents.


Angshuman Mandal

I am just a Bengali guy with acceptable height who loves to read. I try to write some time to feed my soul. Basically, a tiny bit of lyad and smoke of nicotine can describe me better than myself.

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