Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been the golden couple of Hollywood who have stuck together for over a decade and have 6 children . Six  is huge,  married in 2014 the couple has been very famous for having children before marriage. Jolie and Pitt huge Hollywood personalities in their own name made their coming together even more bigger.

The couple who had kindled love on the sets of Mr and Mrs Smith became the favourite couple for the paparazzi. Jennifer Anniston who was then wife of Brad Pitt was shocked and their long time relationship came to a bitter end. Pitt-Anniston were the most hottest couple in Hollywood and enjoyed alot of attention from media . Anniston was working in the sitcom ‘ Friends ‘ at that time and running high on its success, the highest paid TV actress there was no stopping her. But Brad Pitt maybe was too smitten by Jolie and couldnt stay without her .

The Jolie-Pitt affair was very high profile , it was even more high profile than Anniston-Pitt affair . Jolie was then at peak of her career with Tomb Raider films she became the top Hollywood actress. Both Pitt and Jolie loved the shutterbugs and were occasionally pictured together on red carpets. Jolie’s career peeked and then they both got married in 2014, their marrige made alot of buzz.

But what is most fascinating that both Anniston and Jolie at peak of their careers fell for Pitt and then got married to him sacrificing everything but which ended in a heartbreak. Jolie filed for divorce with a like always reason of having irreconcilable differences. She wants full custody of their kids with Pitt having only visiting rights. Similar end to both stories.

Hiddleswift : Why is their Bad Blood?

Hiddleswift has been the talk of the town for few months . Taylor Swift who is famous for her one month stand kindled a relationship with Tom Hiddleston which fortunately lasted for more than a month.  Tom Hiddleston is famous for playing Loki in Avengers and is recently been confirmed to succeed Daniel Craig as next 007.After meeting at a public event and dance within weeks, they were seen together at many public events , most famous their outing on a beach where even Swift met Tom’s mother, like brakes please. Many people have claimed that their relationship was fake and was nothing more but a ploy to get media attention, Tom when was spotted with a T-shirt of “I luv TS ” printed on it even I felt it’s just fake. Now finally they have broken up the reason being Taylor did not want their relationship being so public. Swift who is the biggest singer in the world  seems to have lost interest in him. Hiddleston wanted Swift to accompany her to Emmy’s red carpet but Swift refused.

Hiddleka or Hiddlechops, another new couple in the making?

Now who took this opportunity to accompany Hiddleston ,none other than our Indian girl piggy chops. Priyanka Chopra dazzled on the Emmy’s stage with Tom. She was their to present a award , but maybe she got a lot more than she expected. According to e!online Priyanka and Tom were seen getting cozy at the Emmy’s after party. Tom was so smitten by Chopra that he took her number and made sure they would stay in touch. That’s something big for the Quantico star still hasn’t has her Hollywood debut.Now people are calling them ” Hiddleka”, like is not it too early but maybe the paparazzi is to blame for it.

Another recent breaking news is that Hiddleston will star in Chopra’s Quantico , ahem just after their Emmy swing it seems there’s more than what meets the eye.

These relationships have been all over the daily newspapers and tabloid. What is your opinion about these recent phenomenon , do you think “Hiddleka” is the real deal. How do you feel about Pitt and Jolie breaking up and why don’t marriages between two huge actors never turn to be successful. Also do you feel Taylor Swift is taking one month stand to far. Give your comments and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates

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