We all want to be successful in life. But there are some facts of becoming successful which are unknown to us! Let’s talk about five of those unknown facts.

1. Weird Routines

They have weird routines. Some say that they develop innovative ideas while asleep! Some even create marvels without sleeping!

Thomas Edison slept for hardly three hours per day!

2. Positiveness

They are very positive and likes to stay more with positive minded people. They don’t waste time for those who only focuses on negativity.

Recent studies are showing that people now a days have become more negative.

3. Self Belief

“It is not a magician who creates magic, it is a person who believes in miracle” ~ Roy

People who deals with success are worshipers of themselves only. When the dreams are shattered, they look it as a new opportunity.

4. Acceptance of Criticism

They are open minded and accept criticism from people.

5.Visualization of Success

They visualize success before achieving it.

“Never give up, try until you succeed” ~ Roy

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