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10 Reasons Why One-Night Stand Is a Great Thing

Too bad they’re not your soul mate, but dude, you still got a chance for a one-night stand.

1. Your image of them will never be tarnished with a brutal reality. If this was someone you were dating and you finally slept together, you’d probably have this glowing, fantastic image of them in your mind that would potentially be ruined a few weeks/months down the line when you realize they use their belly button as a place to put dip into and then dip chips into that hole. No, this is not my personal story but I’m sure it’s someone’s.

2. You don’t have to wonder what you two are to each other. No “what does this all meeeean” headaches for you. Because what it meant was “we boned and now we do not speak.”

3. You don’t have to meet his potentially garbage friends. Meeting your soul mate and sleeping with them among candlelight and Band of Horses songs? So good. Having sex with a guy and never having to meet his buddies from his recreational kickball league who are all named Tyler? Priceless.

4. You got laaaaaid. Like, with another person! Are you aware of how tremendously kickass that is?! Relish in this. Savor it. Unless it was bad sex, in which case, I’m sorry.

5. You either got apartment decorating inspiration or realized that your place is really not that bad by comparison. You might think your room is crappy but at least you don’t have a sheet where a wall should be, am I right?

6. You stole something of his before you left, so now you have that. I’m not advocating stealing, nor would I ever, but I do know friends who have taken home borrowed hoodies and T-shirts fully knowing he wouldn’t ask for them back and now they have dope sexual souvenirs. Thank you, sex!

7. Happy sex hormones reduce stress and make you live longer. Even if you’re not in love with the person, James Coan, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, says you still release oxytocin and endorphins, both of which make you really happy. So you’ll feel really awesome for however long that lasts. It’s like a free high that also came with orgasms. Win-win.

8. You probably don’t have to go to the gym that day if the sex was active enough.And let’s be honest, even if it was minorly active, I’m going to count it as exercise anyway because the gym is the worst.

9. If it’s someone you have had your eye on, you can live without any more “what ifs” in your head. No more wondering what sex with Jeremy will be like, because now you know exactly what sex with Jeremy was like and it was not worthy of a second round. Peace, sucka!

10. Even if the sex wasn’t great, you never have to see him again anyway! No pressure, no obligation, no awkward cup of coffee after he treated your vag like a Tilt-A-Whirl. Just you, alone, watching TV and smiling like a boss.

Source : Cosmopoliton
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