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Five Waterfalls In India

Five Waterfalls In India

India is blessed with some awesome Waterfalls.
They are beautiful in their own way.
Let’s look over on five Waterfalls in India.

1.Athirappally Falls (Kerala):-

              Athirappally falls

The beauty of Athirappally Falls known as the
“Niagara Falls of India” located 60km from Thrissur district of Kerala. One of the famous tourist attractions in Kerala and also this is the biggest Waterfalls in Kerala.

2.Jog Falls(Karnataka):-

             Jog falls

The lush green meadows encompassing the mighty cascade are bound to make your experience wonderful. Jog Fall located at southern state of Karnataka.

3.Dhudhsagar Waterfalls(Goa):-

   Dudhsagar         waterfalls

Goa is famous for its ardent beaches but you haven’t noticed the remarkable Waterfalls. Dhudhsagar located 60km from from the Goa Airport Milky water streaming down the hill makes for a beautiful sight. It is a four-tiered Waterfall.

4.Elephant Falls(Shillong):-

          Elephants falls

Elephant Falls are situated on the outskirts of “Scotland of the East”,Shillong. Named after an Elephant like stone at its foot,it is one of the most popular falls in India.

5.Kune Waterfalls(Maharashtra):-

                   Kune waterfalls

The 14th highest Waterfall in India is located in Lonavla, a town in the Pune district of Maharashtra. The waterfall enriched with the art of Mother nature. It is tourist attraction in Maharashtra.

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