A Road Trip

Life is too short to be wasted’, we all demand to know this phrase.
Actually we all really know this fact but except a few, in fact very few, this fact doesn’t even have any meaning at all. Sometimes life itself makes us feel that it is there to be wasted by us. For instance,we wake up early but do we really wake up fresh? No! We just wake up to do our respective jobs in whatever way possible.We eat but most of time we are not really hungry; we just eat, maintaining the time. We say, ‘we get dressed for ourselves’ but do we? How many of us? Again a very few!
We get dressed to be complemented or to compete with others on the basis of class, style, etcetera.
We sleep and it is truly the funniest. We do scream every night within ourselves to sleep, not because we just want to sleep but as we need to wake up early…
We do have friends but how many of us really know the meaning of friendship!
We are just maintaining ourselves as a social kind, most suitably saying, we all have some ‘Friends for benefits’.
We do all the things to proove life to be a wasted one every day.
Everytime we start a day with a smile which ends up with tears at night thinking, ‘what the hell is going on? ‘
Some of us might think, ‘How can someone be so negative about life! ‘
But believe me, a huge number of people among us are really going through this.
But are we done? What are we waiting for, may be Death?
After getting a job, earning a sufficient money to spend just on ourselves; can’t there be something to give a meaning to this life?
Yes, please! There must be something. For the early risers, late risers, too busy ones, too joyful ones, the lonely ones or the rich ones or the poor; there is one thing for everyone to be proud of or be happy about and take care of. Now what’s that?
It’s the thing within us, it’s ‘Ourselves’…
There is always something positive amongst all the negativity happening around us to maintain a neutral reaction like every chemical reaction.
We all talk about getting lost at some stage of life. What if we take it seriously; Sounds mad?
Don’t we all want to get lost at some point of life? We do, I can bet at that.
If you are feeling bored, just get lost; becoming negative about life, just get lost; seeking freshness, just get lost; all by yourself.
Now what am I relating to this ‘get lost’ to?
May be ‘A Road Trip’ with the company you desire.
I’m not saying that all can relate to this as a way of refreshment but some of us do.
We all need to talk to ourselves sometime; to convince the mind as well as the heart that some day, everything will be alright; ‘alright’ in the sense. Compromising or finding happiness in other’s happiness; not all the time. Sometimes, all we need is to make our soul happy!
We end our life finding that happiness; why finding when we can create it?
Most of us want speed and pleasure at the same time. Some of us seek for pleasure in life while some in death. Again the solution may be in ‘A Road Trip’!
Just Imagine yourself taking a backpack, grabbing a bike, saying bye to youe dear ones and then simply getting lost into the wilderness!
There will not be any stress of being hated or loved or judged by the society; there will be only you.
All you can see is the rising sun, serene valleys, snowcapped mountains, narrow roads, unknown people, a cup of coffee and music at night at the camp side; you can see life wrapped by heaven.
Being spiritual and physical at the same time can actually make you realize what it was that we were waiting for so long.

If some of you are finding it crazy, then check your life; life itself is crazy. We just have to adopt its craziness, not just by being happy but also in the real sense.

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