“She is not your Grandma! I told you so many times not to go in her house”.

“NO!NO!NO! She is my grandma! Grandma? Grandma!”, the child said gleefully!

“What happened why are you shouting at her?” said her dad.

The mother was red in anger, “This is your fault. You never scold her. Today again Pinky went to that witch’s house.”

The word “witch” strike Pinky’s ear like bullets and she again shouted in rage, “Mom you’re witch!”

Her mother couldn’t tolerate her behavior and she took a scale and started biting her. She cried and cried and her father grabbed her tightly.

That none of them ate even Pinky also fell asleep without eating. Her mother said to her father, “You know right I am just worried about her. People in our locality tell that old lady performs black magic.” “But Pinky doesn’t know that she is just 7 years old. Tomorrow morning we’ll try to explain her. Let her sleep. It’s already late now it’s time for us also. Let’s go to our room”, said Pinky’s father.

To be continued….

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