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Suicide: a solution or evil?

Self-love has very little to do with how you feel about your outer self. It’s about accepting all of yourself.
-Tyra Banks


“Now I confess that it is very hard for me to survive, no I am not quitting but just taking a step back.. hope you will understand, the only thing I request to you is please do not force my brother to do same things you did to me.. let him take his own decision, I am not blaming anyone for this but you never understood.. anyway thank you for taking care of me for the last 25 years..I am really very grateful to you


‘Sense of burden’, ‘emotional annoyance’, ‘despair’ and ‘the feeling that death would end the pain’ are few reasons why many  people commit suicide. They do not commit suicide because they feel an encumbrance but the fact that death would ease everything and there is no reason to stay-back are why they urge to kill themselves.It takes a lot for someone to create such a situation in which their hand does not even shiver before taking a pill, jumping from the height or ingesting poison. The feeling of ending own life is so strong that even the death looses in front of them.


“ I did not take this decision over a night, but it has been a long time I have not had a good conversation with you, every time I tried to gain your attention and that every single time you ignored me, may be I was always not good with what you wanted but I had different ways of living.. my hands are not trembling for what I am doing and now I do not fear death.. I even tried to see a psychologist but then I thought what a waste of time, he will try to make me love my self, try to convince me how important I am, but I know how useless I am, where my parents do not have the trust in me how can I trust myself. Please do not be sad my brother is of more worth and can be good child of yours..


Suggestions of seeing a psychologist or a psychiatrist are common, yes they help the victims to realize how important they are, there is no point of giving up their lives and of course they bring them out of the depression and the pain..but the most important thing that one should know is the feeling of self-love. If someone can love himself or herself more than anything else then it would not be affirm-able for them to commit suicide.


“My brother this is only for you, may be I will not be there to see you successful, but always remember I love you, do whatever you want, after this they would not stop you from doing what is your dream,accept yourself as who you are.And as a psychologist I say you love yourself, treat yourself special, never forget that you are important in your own way and whenever you are depressed do whatever I said, I could not make this up for myself but you will do that and show everyone what you are.. I love you bhai..take care of yourself and your family..”


Self-love is accepting ourselves as we are. The feeling that we are special in ourselves, helps us to get rid of many things. It is a feeling which should be present in everyone.. though everything to the extreme could be harmful, but loving ourselves in such a way that can fight depression and the tendency of harming ourselves is very important.

When someone is depressed, I feel they should do certain things like treating themselves with a lot of food and good things , hanging out with people who makes them happy, finding happiness in small things and most importantly writing a letter to yourself mentioning all the things you adore about yourself. Always remember, whatever maybe the situation,  love yourself so much that even love starts of being jealous of you and never forget to make yourself feel special.

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