My name is Bree Olson, I’m a former porn star, and since retiring I remained silent. Silent about being discriminated. Silent about being segregated, silent about being threatened, silent about being depressed, humiliated, and disgraced.

The things I talk about in Real Women Real Stories filming project are brief. Real Women Real Stories by Matan Uziel brings awareness to critical issues that millions of women face every day. As a result of many different factors, however, many of them will never come forward to get the help they need—they will remain silent, like I did for so long. I hope that because I shared a bit of my story through Real Women Real Stories, others will have the courage to use their voices, too. I won’t stay silent anymore. I chose to speak up.

When I got into the industry at 19 I was just experimenting sexually. I found it fascinating. I was a full time student at Purdue University studying pre-med biology and also had a full time job as a telemarketer. I flew out to L.A. just to try it and was very shocked at the money to be made. I decided to drop out of school eventually and make the most I could. I saw nothing wrong with being open with my sexuality and my family and friends supported me. I never lived in L.A. the entire time I even did porn. I flew there for work and carried on here in Indiana with what people would consider a very typical Midwest lifestyle.

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