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Rape case of Hathras: Next to the word Horrifying

India is probably the only country where the Police is feared more than respected. Their brutality and puppetry in the hands of negative power is an age-old tale. After Floyd’s “murder” and the police brutalities in Kerala, the Hathras rape and murder case is yet another incident, whose written details are enough to shake you to your core. Many might have written and talked about this horrifying happening but some questions have been gnawing my insides since that day.

The Questions from this Rape Case

What was the fault of that innocent 19 years old girl? Was she assaulted because of being a Dalit? Leave alone her caste, was she being a female her fault? The physiological makeup Nature bestowed upon her can NEVER be her FAULT. Similarly, her religion, caste, age and clothes can never be an “invitation” to monstrous men out there.

Where in the books of law it is written that rapists can roam around freely? That too, even after having quite a many evidences pointing towards them. Or is this heinous mistake possible only when the rape criminals have relatives in close association of the powerful?

What kind of pressure and hurry made the police cremate the deceased girl? Why weren’t the family members of the rape victim informed about this? This action speaks volumes about the administration.


Enough of candle marches have taken place in India. It’s high time we come up with stronger actions, fruitful to rape and murder cases like this one. The country of Goddess Durga, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and many more pioneer and worthy women cannot withstand these anymore. Let’s start by trying to change the mentality of people around us.  The public uproar and protests should be louder than ever. Let us all pledge that no more of India’s daughters gets raped.

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