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5 things a girl must do for her guy!

5 things a girl must do for her guy!

Okay, so you are madly truly deeply and breathlessly in love with him, right? And you know for sure, he is even more in love with you. Then why do both of you get awkward at certain situations?  Well, I understand the awkwardness. None of you have yet proposed to one another and those three words are like a forbidden sentence.

Well let me guess, are you waiting for him to go down on his knees? And that’s because it had always been like this. Two people fall in love and it’s the man’s responsibility to go down on his knees. It had always been like this.

You love calling yourself an independent woman, you fight for your rights, you pay your own bill and yet you depend on your guy to go down on his knees?  Dear girlfriend, won’t you love to swept his off his fetch with your insane passion for him? Here’s a few things you can do to make him crazy about you!

1.Woo him!

Just knowing his favourite things won’t do any good unless you start practicing them! This valentine’s day woo your love with the ideas he least expected!

2.Take him to a date!

What about catching up each other on a boat in princep ghat over silly talks and long stares during sunset? Amazing, isn’t it? So stop day dreaming and start planning for the date! He would fall for you all over again!

3.Dress up only for him!

You want to make the date special right?  Then dress up just for him.  He loves sprees and your wardrobe is filled with tee shirts and shorts? Come on; try a look which he loves for once! Who knows , selfies might be praised!

4.Don’t been late!

Say you are going for a movie, don’t just wait for him to reach the venue before you and buy tickets. Surprise your man by playing his role!

5.Go down on your knees!

Who doesn’t dream of being proposed by the love of life? Well if you are waiting for that special moment and leaving it to him to plan the big moment; reconsider your thoughts!

He would be thrilled to see you go down on your knees and propose to him! And trust me the surprised look on his face is worth a all the trouble taken!

So stop whatever you are doing right now and make this valentine’s Loads of love and best wishes!

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