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Overcome The Fear of Kissing: Here’s Why!

Overcome The Fear of Kissing: Here’s Why!

Do you kiss every day? Or you have been so busy with work or in search of solitude, that you just didn’t realize you had not kissed for the last couple of months? Get rid of the fear of kissing now!


1. Boosts your mettle!

Psychologists often say that people who have made kissing a part of their routine haven’t been depressed or singled out. They own a happy, confident, bold and peaceful life. Well, to re-start kissing, why don’t you give your granny a sweet peck?

2. Gifts you a better immune system!

Are you very serious about hygiene and does it feel awkward thinking about the transfer of germs while kissing? Then probably you should know that a French kiss is also an exchange of microorganisms, thus helping your body to cope up with various range of bacteria.

Many researchers have agreed on the fact that, human saliva is a repertoire of antibiotics, and French kissing with your better half would provide you with a natural vaccination and healthier immune system.


3. Strengthens your bond!

Try letting your guard down when you are in a relationship. It could be difficult in the beginning but shall leave you with a whirlpool of pleasure. A sweet kiss is like magic or a miracle. One passionate kiss, and all the old grudges, differences, and misunderstandings shall melt under the warmth of the tongues. It shall strengthen your relationship with your partner and keep the sparks alive.


4. A powerful analgesic!

Many doctors have admitted that besides a daily apple, everyday kissing also helps people to stay healthy. When you indulge yourself in a passionate kiss, areas in the brain gets automatically activates and releases hormones which possess a healing effect and lowers your stress, depression and fears.

It might sound weird, but your love is your best doctor. So ask for a loving kiss from your love and enjoy the natural painkiller’s comforting effects.


5. Kissing is a powerful therapy!

Have you ever started your day with a morning kiss from your loved one? Then you must have had the pleasure of setting out for the day in an optimistic tone and gleeful spirit. Kissing shall not only gift you love wings to fly, but also will leave you in a pool of positive emotions and uplift your soul.


6. Keeps your teeth shinning and gums healthy!

Wondering how can this be related to kissing? To be honest, people who enjoy kissing, has been found to dedicate themselves and spend more time in oral hygiene. They always want to keep their breath smell wonderful and fresh through out the day which also leads to healthier gum and shinier teeth.


7. Do not panic about being judged!

No body is going to judge you. After all a kiss is just another way to express your respect and affection for your soul mate. So, no one is going to score you on your kissing skills or bully you. Another extraordinary reason why one should overcome this fear is, you can discover the compatibly between you and your lover, and whether both of you fulfill each other’s expectations.

So do consider changing your perspective towards kissing and live a happier life from this moment!

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