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Yes, there is a lot of times we blame life for everything that is happening around us. We often say negative about it, curse it and forget that it is always giving us back ups to make things go right. Life every other time is trying to give us an opportunity to get back and stand on it, our work is just to rectify the problem and make it go with the flow.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on Robert Frost


Life is all about blissful and bittersweet moments. But one thing to remember is hurdles may block the way but our strength is to get up and move on. We may lose people we love the most, we may commit mistakes, we may pretend and obviously we can mess up but life gives you many people around they will teach you the right things. Of course not everyone has a good intention but everyone who is present in our life has some character to play in. Some will teach you by giving a hard time to fight with and of course some will hold you and pick you up every single time your knees go down. It will always hurt but it will make you strong and prepared for the next time so that you never back down.


We are no one to judge an individual and we all know that nobody is perfect. There are people who are nice to us but it may not be to others, what is good to us may not be to others. People have different perspectives of life and it is totally on them how to lead it. Every single person has something good in them so it is us who will bring up the good and try to learn it from them. Always remember that life is never rude, it is just teaching us our mistakes and idiocies in different way, be it good or bad. We should always keep on trying rather than giving up.

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