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Life – An Unpredictable Ride

Our enigmatic life has made us question a lot of things about our own existence. Where are we? Why are we here? What’s the point of being a human? Is there some super natural power? Are their other parallel universes? And so on.

We can think freely. We can create. We can destroy. We can communicate. We can express. We can love. We can trust. We can plan. We are free mammals with many abilities much more than any other mammal. Yet in this world, there’s a huge population certainly disheartened.

So what’s the problem?
Rather what should be our mindset?

Early Humans had null access to all the facilities that we have now. Their life centered core activities like Hunting, Eating, Sleeping, Sex, Worshipping, etc. With evolution of human minds, civilizations took place. It’s 2k18 but still there are tribes who’re deprived of civilizations, like the Sentelis of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
The gradual changes made our life more lavish but a lot challenging in a different way. Early Humans had literally no objectives, they just survived. Modern Humans are born to achieve something – says the new trend. Is it so?

It’s basically Society that is shaping us like this. Making us expect, making us crave, making us heartless, making us cowards, etc. Early humans or the recent tribes don’t have a problem accustomed to the Wildness. The reason being they were born and brought up like this.
Whereas we modern humans are continuously provoked to follow the crowd. Our “expectations” are making our lives difficult though we’re living an “easy” life.

There are a large percentage of population who dreamt of something, who loved someone, who aspired to become like their models, etc. But their realities are not a cakewalk, they’re much different than their dreams. Due to something or someone, plans become difficult to execute. Later on we try to consider our dreams as nearly impossible & let go. We deal a life that we never expected. Somehow get hold of some other ways to attain pleasure.

So, is this the Story of many Lives?
And if it is, what are we supposed to do?

Many people consider that ultimately what happens is the best for us. Some believe that it was God’s/Goddess’s plan. Some believe it was Destiny’s way of dealing. Whatever our belief is, this positive approach is undoubtedly great.
There are many approaches that can soothe our lives. There are so many idealogies.

What I personally feel is to take “Life as the sea and yourself as a surfer”. Enjoy the waves, as they come. You just have to surf, with whatever skills you want. For that, you need to have skills but it’s simply the waves that’ll decide how you have to surf. No matter how you do it, you’ll be able to tackle the sea. And, always enjoy your unpredictable ride!

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