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Hurt Heart!

Hurt Heart! Do you even know the meaning?  Probably not, probably you just scroll down as if you are scrolling everyone else’s memes. It’s hurt… you know? When my brain knows that ugly truth but my mind refuses to accept it. Yes, you are wrong, you are the most inappropriate thing that could have ever happened to me.

You were like that fresh air, which had both the sweetness of a cherry and the bitterness of a neem leaf, you were just the mixture of that. I never flirted with older men until I met you, you were three years older than me. Everyone around me had warned me to stop but who knew that I was being driven toward such a force that will destroy me one day? You were so exceptional, that I had even accepted your friend request on a social media despite my rule that I only accepted the familiar ones, you were unknown to me… I guess you  still are…

Do you remember the day? That day of monsoon month when your whole area was drowned with water but I still managed to go there to meet you, because the other day,I had promised you? That day I had fallen down with so much fever that my parents literally stopped me to go out from the next day. But I had argued with them and in that heavy rain along  with heavy fever I went to you, just to see you…

Don’t worry I am not sorry, I will not be, I did that because I wanted you truly, it was just your smile that I wanted then. But somehow my heart knew your intention but as much as I liked you, I ignored all your signs. Yes it hurts when I remember those things.

You know one thing? I used to ask myself why don’t you like me?  One day I got my answer. You had been falling for another girl for two years, and when she ditched you, you just lost faith in love and attraction suddenly. Do you know how much I cried after listening that? No you don’t. Because I chose to conceal my tears from you. 

You wanted my body, I wanted your soul. Our priorities were different and still is. I wanted ours, you wanted yours. Different things part away our ways. It is okay to do such mistakes. I do not regret that. Actually it is better to learn from your mistakes rather than sitting around a corner and waiting for something. I did, I learnt and I am trying to move on.

You know one day, just for one day, if you would understand that all my poems and memes are dedicated to you, it will be the greatest moment for me. Life would seem so perfecr.. so complete!

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