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Game Of Thrones S07E01 (Dragonstone) Scene Analysis,Theory & Predictions

Game of Thrones ,Season 7 first episode is out,available allover the internet and has been tagged as the most kick-ass beginning ever in the TV Series history.In this article we will talk about some basic facts,theories and will deeply analyse the first episode “Dragonstone” taking the important scenes and the facts behind them.Spoilers Ahead! Don’t read if you have’t watched this episode yet.


“Winter Came for House Frey” – The breathtaking dialogue by Arya Stark , yes she is back with fury determined to revenge on all of them who snatched her family and had separated all of them.”Winter” is definitely on the prowl for many houses.Lets see where she goes next!



Giant White Walkers – Those are giants from the wildlings that were killed,incorporated into  White Walkers because whoever dies in their hands turns into a white walker,we have seen this fact before in the “Hardhome” episode.Now imagine, how their army is growing stronger day by day with an increasing rate and proving “Winter is coming” and its going to be a harsh and a tough one for the opponents.



Bran Stark comes to the Knight Watch- After Hodor’s death and a long escape from the clutch of White Walkers,Brandon Stark & Meera Reed is finally safe and has come to the Knight’s Watch.This suggest they will send him to Jon Snow and he will also rush to him as Bran is now the three eyed raven and is a treasure to many secrets from the past which can change the fate of the Iron Throne i.e Jon belongs to both the house of fire and ice.



Littlefinger and his suspicious smile – Merely everyone from this part of the TV screen knows that Littlefinger is dangerous and he is more treacherous when he gives his evil smile.Jon is ruling Winterfell,but he got it defeating the bastard Bolton on account of Littlefinger’s help brought into the field by Sansa Stark. Sansa the girl whose mistakes and quick decisions has ruined the house of Stark and is now again into something which we all can predict but actually don’t know the terms on what she has begged alliance from Littlefinger. Something horrible is waiting for Sansa again in the episodes to come



Jon Snow plans to find and mine Dragonglass – Dragonglass the only mineral that can be used to kill the White Walkers apart from Valerian Steel. Jon knows the fact and is very conscious about the upcoming danger and sets up plans to find and mine the dragon glasses to build weapons from it and build a trained army to withstand the “Winter”.



Cersei vs Jamie Lannister – The scene of the painter drawing a map of the empire and the position of Jamie and Cersei hints a lot about the past prophecy that Cersei would be killed by her younger brother,now we don’t know whether its Jamie or Tyrion Lannister that would bring up the end of the evil queen of all times.The point was further supported by the visit of Euron Greyjoy who said about his willingness to marry Cersei and we all know what Jamie can do for his “love”.This is a big question which would be clear in the upcoming episodes and something hazardous is going to happen.The positions says a lot.Beware Grejoy! Beware Lannisters!



Slandor Clegane’s Apparitions in the fire- “Ice”, “A wall of Ice”,”The Wall”,”Its Where the Wall meets the Sea”,”There’s a castle there”,”There’s a mountain looks like an arrowhead”,”The Dead are marching Past”,”Thousands of Them”.I think any GOT fan can arrange them and make it a point what the “God of Light” actually meant to Clegane. Will tell them very soon,but for the time being scratch the scalps of your head a bit till any hair comes out.



Sam’s knowledge is power – Samwell Tarly aka Sam has found out something great which justifies the title of the episode and also gives some justice to Sam’s toilet sweeping at the Citadel,its truly fruitful.He then sends the message to Jon about the mountain of Westeros that is a treasure of “Dragonstone” that which the early men used to build their weapons as recorded in the book.



Mysterious wounded hand- “Has she come yet?” , “The Dragon Queen?” .You got it right its none other than Jorah Mormont who really cares for Daenerys Targaryen Stormborn. Jorah was attacked by mysterious stone men that affected his wrist and the disease was spreading and now he is at the citadel where Sam serves and its Jorah who frightens the audiences and Sam himself with his wounded hand.



Daenerys’ visit to Westeros- The dragon queen reached the Westeros with her army ,the place which truly belongs to her and the place where Stannis Baratheon stayed. Westeros is the place where the sea meets the “arrowhead” mountain and a castle there. Got anything? Now think of the apparition that Clegane seen and uttered furiously. Yes he was exactly talking about this place and so was Sam that found the place map on the book and had send the information to Jon Snow.This scene suggests a lot of things and connects many factors as we can now assume that Jon has precedence to meet Daenerys Targaryen.The context of mining Dragonglass may pit Jon and Daenerys against each other or could unite them too. Clegane had got a future insight about what’s going to happen at this significant place Westeros. That was it,the last scene, connector of many odds and the marching of the plot to the thrilling episodes waiting for us in the coming weeks.



The next episode has been named “Stormborn” and is appearing great in its preview,the episode is coming this week.Here is the preview for you to watch and feel the Ice and the Fire! For any queries,cross questions and if you have any theories in your mind do feel free to comment them for me.

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