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Exam pressure

Exam pressure is something that we all have felt at some point. Exams are a process to check your hard work throughout a year. But we all tend to feel nervous at this time. And hey, nervousness or panic attacks are bad for your health as well as for your exam.

Do you know how much the last couple of days are important to give a good exam? Yes. It is a wondering fact that in last couple of days you can actually make difference. I am not kidding.

Suppose you are a good student and you have studied all throughout the year. But before exams you get panic attacks to an extent that you tend to forget your answers.

Now If you are those who don’t study throughout the year and now are scared. Then let me tell you, your fear will only decrease your functionality. So keep calm and focus on important questions.

So here I am with few tips and tricks that will help you to combat this anxiety.

● Try to calm down your mind while studying. Think only about study and not marks. The pressure of getting good marks can harm your concentration so don’t think about that at all.

● Do not think about what questions you have left. Try to think positively about what you have read.

● If you are really scared of leaving any question. Then you can write the important points of that question and memorise that.

● Lastly, take a chill pill. Chilling with family or friends will help you to low your anxiety level. So chill. Take care of your health.

Hope these tips will help you to perform your exams in a better way. And remember exams are only here to ensure your functionalities not your capacity or creativity.

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