It’s not easy to start your own venture in order to make a childhood dream-come true, but if you have that courage and tenacity in yourself then of course it is possible-as legends say ‘nothing is impossible.’

My daddy used to tell me ‘whatever you want to do in life you should have a dream and a vision.’ So I dreamt of starting my own enterprise. At the age of 6  I used to accompany my uncle in his construction sites thereby slowly and steadily I started loving “business” and now I feel it’s actually in my blood.

My dad wanted me to be a doctor since beginning.

Forcefully I took up Science as a subject but truly speaking I never liked it – I even refused joining a medical college and finally my father admitted me to an Engineering college in Bangalore. But after completion of my second year I left the college and moved back to Kolkata – though readers might feel I am a drop out student but actually I am a B.tech engineer.

You may think that at this juncture my journey of becoming entrepreneur started but in real sense it happened when I was at the age of six.

After I came back to Kolkata my family forced me to join a college in the city where I can at least achieve a degree in engineering and be capable enough of competing with the ‘rat race’.

But I was destined for something else. When I was in my third year in that college I sincerely started working with my uncle because I realised that hands – on – experience matters the most in any segment.

After a rigorous three months of job with my uncle I started my own company named ‘Royal Builders and developers’. Initially it was a small construction company and my first assignment was to repair a drain. But I never gave up and kept on working with whatever little comes my way . by a lot of perseverance and dedication I gradually started expanding my business under all odds and from a mere 4000 rs salary today not to boast off but actually I am possessing a 1200 sq.ft showroom, a construction company and  iron fabrication company –Govt. projects and metro rail material supply are the recent feathers added to my cap.

Today, my dad is proud of me ( though that wish of making his son a doctor might exist ) but I choose my path to success. Not every drop out student fails in life –some become real entrepreneurs . today with whatever little I’m blessed off is due to my parents – for they always think good for me and ofcourse  dream…. Endeavour…. Achieve is now the motto of my life.

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