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Circle of Shadows

Growing up an only child with a single parent is probably why I’m an actor.
-Lauren Graham

“Yes, I’m a single parent. I raise this child alone. I try to fulfill all the needs of my child.” These are the very common lines you will obviously hear from a single parent. Basically, single parenting can be for various reasons like broken marriages, sudden death of a parent or a single woman intentionally wanting to be a single mother…

Like, the parents who are raising their child alone, work hard enough to render a good future to their ward. However, I personally feel that there are some drawbacks in everything. For instance, one of my friends who grew up in such a situation often complains about being raised alone. It is not necessary that everyone in the same situation complains but people who do, may have strong queries which were not answered. These things can really affect the relationship between the child and the parent. I have seen children getting reclusive, introvert, disobedient, repulsive and often ending up hating their parents.

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My intention is centered around the situations faced by such children. It may be possible that they miss and cry for their parents who are not with them and maybe the nights and the pillows know all their stories. When they see their friends coming with their parents and both of them on a parents guardian meeting at school or anywhere else, deep inside their heart, there may be, just may be an inner voice crying to see their lives to be the same as before. But most of the time, one parent often tries to instigate the young one against the other and vice versa to acquire the sympathy and support of the child and creates a dilemma in their immature mind. Many of them wear a fake smile and continue to show a happy side of their lives.

But there are many women who have suffered domestic violence after the marriage. These things are seriously not acceptable and should immediately be put to an end. In fact, children in such families may experience the pain and want their mother to get free from such burden. For me, marriage is a bonding of trust, love, patience, sacrifices between two souls who have promised to be with each other. It is a commitment though nowadays, most of the people lack such emotions and domestic violence and divorces are way too common . Demands and expectations are too high. We are moving too fast to keep pace with the world that is also running. Many children grow up by shedding tears of loneliness with loads of desires and imagination of leading a life together with everyone around.

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