Bhanusingher Podaboli: The Great Creation of Tagore

‘Bhanusingher Podaboli’ is a marvelous collection of Vaishanava songs. It is composed by Rabindranath Tagore. From his tender age he started writing lyrics. Tagore wrote the lines around 16 years old in a cloudy afternoon. He said in his autobiography JIBANSMRITI (1912) that he became very happy to write the lines. Then he continued his writings with Brajbuli, a spoken language of Braj (region of Uttar Pradesh). He wrote the lyrics under the pseudonym of Bhanusingha. We know that Bhanu means Sun (Rabi in Bengali). Young Tagore was attracted to the Maithili Poems.

Bhanusingher Podaboli, mainly a romantic verse expresses the love between Radha and Krishna. It is an emotional interplay of divine love and their ardour. It has a different appeal from another mainstream songs of Tagore. Only 22 songs are belonged in the collection. It was published in 1884. He dedicated those to Kadambari Devi, sister-in-law of Tagore. It’s saddening that she committed suicide in 1883. She was one of the inspiration of Tagore. “Gahana Kusuma Kunja Majhe, Mridula Madhura Banshi Baje… ” the lines can changed the atmosphere of our mind at a moment. Rabindranath was inspired by ‘Geetgovind’. Geetgovind was written by Vaishanava Poet Joydeva in the 12th Century. 


It tells us about enduring Love. Love can overcome all barriers and it is sacred. Vaishnava Podaboli started a literary movement in 15th to 17th century. It was a purest form of art. The literary movement was focused on the legend Radha and Krishana. The songs were written on the basis of the legendary love story. It has a mythological significance. Romance of Radha-Krishna is a traditional theme of Indian Poetry. 

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Tagore started to write Bhanusingher Podaboli inspiring by a ‘Vaishnava Poet’ and a British Poet named Thomas Chatterton. Bhanusingher Podaboli has taken a place as an elegant genre in the hearts of Rabindrasangit lovers. It is an outstanding creation of Tagore. 

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