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Hello everyone! I’m back with my segment of DIY hacks for your vacations. This time it’s not a craft, but three interesting art form which can help you to get out of your boredom and can also be your favourite pass time. So let’s begin!

Today I’m going to talk about three very beautiful and creative ideas to deal with. I will start with the first form, which is “Doodling”. Now, what is doodling? Doodling is the art where numerous small designs make a bigger and beautiful picture. Every small detail is important in doodle art. Doodle is considered to be the output of a person’s subconscious mind. It puts the mind of the artist on the paper. Doodles are believed to increase concentration, creative instincts and it usually reveals the temperament and the mood of the artist. You can start with small designs and can gradually make a bigger one. Random designing, like doodling, always inspires a proper picture. So, you can try this out any time and create beautiful designs! Here are some YouTube links which can help you further:

Next up we have the art form “Calligraphy”. Calligraphy is the technique of enhancing one’s handwriting and it is very important for students or people who are in the field of designing. It is an ancient art form, which has become advanced over the years and has now become very popular among children and adults. Learning calligraphy is not at all difficult or expensive. You just need the calligraphy pens, which are easily available in your nearest stationery shops. The ideas for calligraphing are never confined or limited to some extent. It is always up to you, how you want it to be. Once you become accustomed to the techniques, you can even invent your own set of styles! The writing method developed in calligraphy is fluid and spontaneous. If you become a pro in this field, you can actually generate a home business with the help of the art by designing and improvising on wedding invitations, font designs, logo designs and memorial documents. You need proper fountain pens and you’re good to go. You can always access books and YouTube for the tutorials and can easily learn this art in less than a month. Calligraphy is an art which helps you to be more patient, and just like doodling, this too increases your concentration level. Here are some YouTube links to help you further:

Now, it’s the last art form I’ll talk about. It can also be considered to be a very interesting fashion hack. It is “Mehndi Designing”. Mehndi designing, once a traditional art only practiced at village households, has now become a popular part of our modern life. It is an integral part on occasions like weddings, sangeet, and even pujas like Karwachauth. People hire trained and professional mehndi artists for any function. But if you can design it on your own, there will be no need for all that hassle. You can be the star of all the occasions if you are a pro! This can also be your part-time job. This way you can earn money and easily start your own mehndi studio one day if you wish to. Books of mehndi designing are easily accessible. You can find them anywhere. You can also visit YouTube tutorials or search for images to design a mehndi. Once you practice well, you won’t need a book anymore. To design mehndi, all you need is a good mehndi cone and some designs, and you’re good to go. Here are some YouTube links to help you:

I hope you love all of these three creative ideas. Try all these ideas and let us know! So what are you waiting for? Start making your own doodles, stylizing your handwriting and designing your own mehndi. Good luck!

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