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8 Best Restaurants in Park Street That You Must Visit

If you happen to be a foodie then this is something that you just cannot skip and if you are not and you are still reading it, then, well you are about to become one very soon. Park Street is a food heaven for all those of us who just cannot get through life without good food. Most of the restaurants here have been functioning for decades now and have maintained their standards remarkably well. So if you’ve been craving for exotic dishes for a while now, then it is the perfect time for you to head to Park Street and find a place to make your tummy happy!
Here are the eight best restaurants in Park Street that you just HAVE to visit.


Bar-B-Q has been operating at the heart of Park Street for a very long time now. It has been serving Chinese, Tandoori and Indian food to its customers from the very beginning. An ideal place for family dinners, Bar-B-Q is an extremely popular place for get-togethers and birthday parties all around the year. This multi-cuisine restaurant has a fantastic list of starters followed by excellent main courses and mouth watering desserts. The Drums of Heaven and the Crispy Chilli Baby Corn are absolute hits. For all the vegetarians out there, go for the Saag Paneer. Also the Malai Kofta will win your love instantly. Don’t leave the restaurant without trying their delicious Tutti Frutti. Yum Yum!
One Step Up

one step up

Relatively new among all the restaurants in Park Street, One Step Up has been working really hard to match up to all the other exquisite restaurants in that area. Serving Continental and Chinese Cuisine to its customers, One Step Up is situated right beside Flury’s. Even though the restaurant seems a bit too crowded during the peak hours, it only shows how popular it has become in such a small span of time. This restaurant is perfect for an outing with friends or family. It is also suitable for business lunches or dinners. The Chicken Mexicana and Fish N Chips are the best delicacies here. The staff is extremely hospitable and very swift with their service. So visit this restaurant and help it go One Step higher in the popularity ladder.

Tung Fong

tung fong


An authentic Chinese restaurant, Tung Fong is owned by the same people who own Beijing in Tangra. The food here is available at an extremely reasonable price and is of brilliant quality. This restaurant provides you with a buffet in the afternoon along with an A La Carte menu. You can choose either of the two. In the evening the choice disappears and you have to make do with just the A la Carte. The dim sums and the Kung Pao Prawns are the best among all the dishes. Also vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce is an absolute favourite here. Even though the waiting time here is a wee bit more than other restaurants, the quality of the food will make you forget all the other worries.


Even though Flury’s has experienced a slight downfall in the quality of their food these days, it still continues to be the favourite haunt of the people of Kolkata who just cannot do without their English breakfast. The best option consisted of Cheese and Mushroom Omelettes along with a Pork or Chicken Sausages. The Patties and pastries here are also heavenly to taste, along with the Viennese Coffee. If we manage to ignore that slight little change in their quality, Flury’s still stands among the best.
Peter Cat

chelo kebab at Peter Cat

Haven’t had Chelo Kabab in a long time? Time to go visit Peter Cat. One of the oldest restaurants in Kolkata, Peter Cat is legendary for their exotic Chelo Kabab. The Chicken Reshmi Butter Masala and the Dum ki Raan are the other extravagant dishes found in Peter Cat. Not too expensive, the dishes here are bound to leave you wanting more. The continental section has the Chicken Steak Sizzler which is a hot favourite. The staff is impeccable and the ambience is perfect for both family dinners and romantic dates.


Going hand in hand with Peter Cat in standard, Macambo continues to win hearts with its delicious Continental food through the years. It is as old as Peter Cat and is out of the world in its food quality. The Chicken steak, Chicken Tetrazzini and Chicken Oriental is just mouth-watering here. Make sure you try the Trifle pudding and the Baked Alaska. Even if the lighting in the restaurant is a little dim, it only adds to the wonderful eating experience. Their service is swift and quiet and they serve the most brilliant classic cocktails. So Happy Eating!
Golden Spoon

golden spoon

For all the college students sometimes it becomes a little difficult to afford a lunch in Peter Cat or Mocambo. The best place for such groups of students is Golden Spoon. They offer both takeaway and dine in. The Chicken and Egg rolls here are absolute favourites among the college kids. They also offer tandoori Chinese and Mughlai food. Even though the interior of the restaurant upstairs is a bit dingy, the atmosphere livens up because of the hordes of students dropping for a small treat and adda. If you visit Golden Spoon, try their Biriyani and Red Pepper Chicken.


This is a perfect end to this list of restaurants. The best place to go to when you need a drink is Olypub. With its dingy interior that has a strong smell of liquor, Olypub is the oldest pub in the city. Aside from the cheap pitchers of beer, the Beef Steak here is something none can avoid. The buzz of regular patrons downing their glasses of beer or alcohol is what keeps the restaurant alive.

So hurry and take your pick. The restaurants at Park Street await your presence. Bon Appetite!



Content Writing: Deepsikha Majumdar
Image Courtesy: Google
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