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10 amazing facts about dreams

How, when, why, who – there is a reason behind everything and that is exactly what’s worth sharing here. Dreams sometimes leave you numb for a day and sometimes you have no idea what you dreamt about. You can really live a whole beautiful life in a dream that you may never be able to achieve in reality. Wonder how life would be without dreams? No point. Because there can’t be any life without dreams and that’s a fact. Here are ten facts about dreams, that will leave you truly amazed.



1.1. Dream tenure
An average human being spends 6 whole years of his/her life dreaming.


The Average Person Has between 1,460 and 2,190 Dreams A Year. How many do you remember?


5. Entry level


Toddlers don’t star in their own dreams till they are about 3-4 years old. Is that the reason why they sleep so soundly? Well that has a totally different reason though.



7. Familiarity
You might not remember the person in your dream. However, a person only dreams of people he/she has encountered in life but it’s impossible to keep track of thousands of faces that you come across each day. And, every time you saw an unknown face in your dream you thought that’s the imaginary work of your whimsical brain.
4. Dream Master
The good part is that you can often control your dreams. You can manipulate, twist and turn the beginning and the ending of your dreams like it’s a movie being shot in front of you. It is called the “Lucid dreaming” (one is aware that he/she is dreaming) phase. This is a very interesting aspect of dreaming that many are unaware of.
9. Symbol
You sometimes have the strangest of dreams – some scary, some worrisome and the rest absolutely angelic. Remember, these are all symbols for something or the other. There’s nothing strange about these dreams because they are only talking in a symbolic language like poems.
11. Sleep paralysis
During the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of your sleep, the body is paralyzed through a mechanism that keeps your body from moving physically because of the dream. It is also possible for this mechanism to occur during, before and after your sleep when your brain is fully awakened. That is the mystery behind why you can’t move so many times AFTER you’re up and awake sometimes.
15. Diversity
On an average, you can dream for about one to two hours every night and you can have four to seven different dreams in one night. Pretty amazing, huh?
21. Daydreaming IS a thing
Psychologists say that daydreaming is actually what occurs if your dream has been carried forward, it is basically related to what you dreamt about when you were fast asleep. They also involve different mental processes.
23. Déjà vu
In a survey, it was found that between 18-38% of people have experienced at least one precognitive (future sight – acquisition of future information) dream and 70% experienced déjà vu. Furthermore, 63-98% people believe that it’s possible to have a precognitive dream.
Dreams are as a matter of fact an amazing movie of which your brain is the director. You can try and ‘direct’ your own dreams too. 
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