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Communication ― A Male Guide for Understanding Female

The relationship between any two human being is strong only when there is enough love and appropriate communication skills. Now, when we talk of communication skills, we women are really difficult to understand. C’mon admit it! We have a real labyrinthine way of expressing and that’s the difficult part for our men. Sometimes we are straightforward, but often we don’t express it straight. So here’s a guide for all you men out there to get the hack of some phrases your ladies say!

“IT’S OK.”

For this, you need to do some face analysis. If she says this phrase with her usual smile and casualty, then everything is going smooth. But if it involves a little yell or may be an eye roll, it’s time for you to fix things up!


This also is in the face. If she yells then you’re surely in trouble, but if she’s emotional or trying to hide her tears, then just give her some time. Later just catch up, listen to what happened and try to calm her down.


Now, there is a list of bizarre and random things which women find cute. Some of them actually are, but some you may find kinda weird! Yet, you need to list all of them down if you want to gift her perfect stuff on Valentine’s Day or her birthday. Tis move can never go wrong!


This calls for real understanding. When she says this, she’s surely in need of opening up to someone about something that’s been bothering her. But if this is in a very casual tone, note it: “very casual”, then there might not be any problem. Else, you need to make some efforts.


Okay this is a tricky part. You need to understand the tone of using the word. If she’s casually saying “Nothing…” and is her usual self, calm and composed― then everything is fine. You need not worry. But if she yells or says, “Nothing! Nothing is wrong! Everything is perfect!”, then my dear you’re in deep trouble! Before you respond, just do a quick recap of everything you did and try to remember if it has anything she dislikes. If it does, then just apologize in the most courteous way possible. Be the sweetest person alive and just say “Sorry”, thousand times if needed! Even if you did not do anything, just say “Sorry”. Try saying sorry for something like, “I’m so sorry it’s so hot today. I’ll fix it up by asking the sun to set faster.” If she laughs, you’re good to go. But if not, you definitely screwed up big time and need to do some immediate damage control!

So here’s a brief guide for all you committed birds out there! Read the rules, let them sink in, and you’re good to go!

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