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Why GenY is not into Marriages?

Marriages are  over-the-top exaggerated in India.

Besides GenY is totally done with ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’. I mean does it even make sense in spending every last penny on stuffing food into people you hardly know? It is like telling the media to keep shut for the controversies .

  • GenY is more radically and ethnically diverse i.e,they believe in no particular religion and color. They have got their heart broken too many times and they understand that Marriages don’t bring understanding and proximity. It’s the other way round.
  • GenY is extremely demotivated and fragile. They see all the divorces around them and lose  faith everyday on this age-old Institution. GenY wants to spend less on show-off and spend more on spirituality. GenY believes in Social work.
  • GenY loves taking risk and wants to try every adrenaline-rushing sport. They believe in just TODAY.
  • GenY is not afraid of ‘Log kya kahenge’. They enjoy being a little of everything! They understand the importance of travelling and being healthy. GenY likes to sleep under a sky full of stars and spending money today instead of saving for tomorrow. They realize the uncertainties of life.
  • GenY in fact likes being a Hippy! They support LGBT. They believe  in getting  Inked for life than exchanging Rings. They believe in back-packing trips than Honeymoons.
    GenY likes spending and making the most of it.
  • GenY are entrepreneurs to a new life and likes to give away meaningless rituals by questioning everything.
  • GenY believes that following our dreams makes us stable, not Marriages. GenY supports Live-ins and believes in not assigning jobs to different sexes. GenY likes sharing the load.
  • GenY do not need a marriage to support their own selves. They work hard to earn a life they have chosen.
    GenY believes in soul-mates.

Yes GenY is not Serious. They have humor, a lot on the darker side which makes them smart and carefree.

Let us build our Empire Folks . 🙂 

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