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The Best Conversation

Last time when we had a conversation we decided we won’t talk to each other ever.. But before he disconnected he said,”If you’re ever up for a good conversation any day, call me up”. That made me hopeful again. That made me feel like I am walking through a long dark tunnel knowing that there is light waiting for me.
After that two years had passed. Last night, I thought maybe I am at the mouth of this dark tunnel but I believed I will see the light soon. It was 3am. I took my phone and dialled his number.
My heart started beating faster with every ring. A continuous tussle was going on between my expectations and fear. No, he did not receive the call.
Sigh! I felt relieved as the tussle stopped but after some time I was restless again. I opened my message box and started typing. I was typing and was deleting whatever I was typing. I didn’t know what to text. Finally I gathered all my broken confidence and I typed, “How are you?? Its been so long we didn’t talk. I was just up a for a good conversation. Two years back you asked me to call you up if I was ready for a good conversation . Yes,I am ready. But I guess you’re sleeping now. Maybe tomorrow I will hear your voice. Goodnight.” And the message got delivered.Teenage girl hugging pillow, unhappy-1559174
I smiled thinking that when he will read the text tomorrow he will be surprised and happy. I hugged my pillow tight and I closed my eyes . Just then my phone started vibrating. And the screen showed “Do not call him ” calling. I didn’t know what to do. I practiced saying ‘Hello’. I thought he will tell me that he missed me. I thought he will ask me how I was.. how much he missed my skin.. my hug.. my lips.. I thought he would say that he is incomplete without me. The call ended . I missed it while getting ready and preparing the answers of my own questions in my head. I laughed at myself for being so silly. I dialled his number this time with confidence, hoping things would get better again.sadgirl_j4riuu87

“Hello”, I whispered.
“Yes,who is this??” A girl asked.
I checked if I had dialled a wrong number. But no. My screen showed ‘Do not call him.. 0.45 seconds’. I dialled his number right.
“Who are you?? I don’t think you’re supposed to pick calls from someone else’s phone, isn’t it?” I was angry but I didn’t shout . But I was rude.
“I am his girlfriend and he is sleeping. Let me tell you I know who you are.” The girl answered.
“Err.. who am I?”
“You are the same person for whom he waited for two years. He was dying everyday for you when I met him. I helped him to move on, I helped him to stop waiting near the telephone waiting for your call which never rang. I made him forget his past, which was you. I am his future. Don’t kill this please. I have seen him crying in the rain. I have seen him getting wasted everyday.”
“But why didn’t he call me ever??” I asked. My voice shivered.
“Can I request you one thing?”the girl asked. “Can you remain his past?? You are late. I don’t want to lose him. I will die without him. When you have survived all this while I am sure you can live without him. Cant you let him be mine?? Trust me, he is happy with me. I make him smile. I make him laugh. I take good care of him. We’re happy together. Please let us be.”
Tears rolled down my eyes.
“Please don’t cry”, the girl requested.
“I am not crying.”, I lied.
“Please keep him happy. Yes, you are his present and you will be his future. I will never come in between you two. I was just up for a good conversation and trust me it was one of the best conversations I had till date. May God bless you both. Be happy.”
I hung up.
I closed my eyes. Wiped my tears. I smiled at myself. Why??? Because he kept his words.. “I am always up for a good conversation”. And it was indeed the best conversation I could ever


Content writer : Priyanka 
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